Animal Communication Consultations

with Nancy Windheart

At this time, Nancy’s availability for animal communication consultations is limited due to her teaching, travel, and writing schedule.  Please see the Professional Animal Communication Practitioner Page for animal communicators who have trained with Nancy who are also available for animal communication consultations, or contact us for additional practitioner referrals.

What Is Animal Communication?

Telepathic communication is a way of understanding others through images, feelings, sensations, thoughts, or deep knowing that is not based on verbal language. This is a natural, universal way for all beings, human and non-human, to communicate with each other. Humans have often lost this ability through our society’s emphasis on verbal and written language, and favoring mental “thinking” over communication from the heart.

The word “telepathy” means “feeling across a distance.” Human parents are often aware of this type of communication with their children. Animals communicate with each other and with humans in the same way. Telepathic communication is not complicated, or reserved for a “gifted” few. it is our natural birthright as living beings, and can be rediscovered with dedication and practice.

Telepathy is a universal language. I’m fluent in the use of this language. I have trained and honed my ability to communicate telepathically with animals, and to use this ability professionally to assist people and their animal companions in creating deeper harmony and understanding in their relationships.

When I communicate with an animal, I receive their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, and serve as a two-way translator for the person and their animal friend.

animal reincarnation

My Specialties

  • Behavior and training issues
  • Family transitions
  • Healing of trauma or fear from injury, abuse, or illness
  • End-of-life decisions and care
  • Communication with wild and “pest” animals
  • Communication with the spirits of animals who have died
  • Deepening your relationship with your animal friend and understanding your spiritual purpose together

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