Interspecies Partnership and Co-Creation

When we begin to open to interspecies communication, many of us begin with communication with animals, as it’s often our animal friends who offer us the first invitations to reawaken our connection with the web of life and the universal language of telepathic communication and understanding.

However, we quickly discover that this way of being, perceiving, and moving in the world is not limited to animals…that it can include connection and communication with plants, trees, minerals, elemental beings and nature spirits, and the spirits of rivers, mountains, forests, oceans, prairies.


Mr. Rosie Rooster

In honor of Mr. Rosie:

June 6, 2006-May 3, 2017

My beloved little bantam rooster, Mr. Rosie, died on May 3, 2017. He was just a few weeks short of his 11th birthday. He left the physical world just a few days after completing his last “teaching assignment”  for my Beginning Animal Communication Class.

Mr. Rosie blessed our family with his quirky personality, his funny antics, his devotion to his hens, and his exceptional longevity. He was a frequent and enthusiastic teacher in my animal communication classes, and he touched many people with his humor, his sensitivity, and his awareness. (more…)

Everything You Do Is Sacred

We are living in extraordinary times. Like many people, I’ve been riding the waves of personal and collective fear, grief, shock, chaos, hope, vulnerability, and openhearted tenderness as the reality around me in my country and in the world continues to shift.

Each day is a turn of a kaleidoscope, with new patterns, colors, and textures emerging. Certainly, this is by no means the first time that our collective human civilizations have experienced these crashing breakers–in many parts of the world, they have been ongoing for a long time–but this particular set of waves feels particularly chaotic and fast-paced.

I’ve been stunned by the upsurge of hateful speech and expression here in my small rural community; the waves of fear, grief, rage, and hope have been moving through me and so many of us like breakers at high tide.


When Animal Communication is Harmful

As a professional animal communicator and interspecies communication teacher, I often feel that I am walking a very fine line…a tightrope, really. On one side of the tightrope is my calling, my inspiration, my deep desire to help as many people as possible to reawaken to their natural, inborn ability to communicate telepathically with animals and all life.

On the other side of the tightrope is the awareness that interspecies telepathic communication, if misused, misunderstood, or simply practiced unskillfully, without appropriate training, practice, understanding, awareness, and boundaries, can be ineffective at best, and really harmful, at worst.


Journey to Baja: an Invitation from the Whales

photo: Sea Kayak Baja Mexico

As of today, we have 3 spaces available on our upcoming women’s retreat in Baja: Journey to Baja: Pilgrimage of the Heart, March 9-23, 2017.

Over the years that I have worked as an interspecies communicator, I’ve come to understand that there are individuals and groups of nonhuman animals who have a particular mission with humans, with our planet, and who hold deep levels of wisdom and spiritual awareness that we as a human species are rarely able to access.


Silence, Listening, and Connection

img_3931I spent last week, and our Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, on silent retreat at a beautiful center outside of Tucson. I spent my mornings in meditation and yoga practice, listening deeply to the voices of spirit, and the afternoons hiking and connecting with the saguaro cacti, desert rats, mule deer, birds, and other plant and animal life in the adjoining Saguaro National Park.

The contemplative community at the Desert House of Prayer supported my retreat with delicious meals, massage, and space to move freely in their community and participate in their prayers as I chose to.

The retreat was a precious opportunity for even deeper silence and stillness than is possible in my daily life, and for rest and reflection that also created space for clarity about the ways I want to share my work and live my life in the upcoming year.

What is it like to be you?

osminog3Like many people here in the US and all over the world, I’m struggling to understand what is happening in my country. I’m sensitive to collective energies, so I have been feeling these waves for awhile, and in a certain way, their expression was not a surprise.

However, the intensity and the chaos of the waves is a bit like being rolled by crashers up on the rocks and the sand. I’m spending a lot of time staying very quiet, at home, and in spiritual practice.

I have been asking myself deep questions about the next stages of my work and my life: how do I teach? How do I live? What, now, is my highest calling, my deepest contribution toward creating a peaceful, kind, compassionate, thriving world that supports and respects all life, human and non-human?


Oaks, Spiders, and Miracles in the Desert

14711138_1086566811438607_6098995232257549048_oThis is a post about recognizing miracles…the miracles that surround us every day in our life here on our beloved and magnificent planet…the miracles that are available to us if we take the time to soften, get quiet, pay attention, and stay awake.

Our 10-day women’s canoe trip retreat on the Green River last month was full of magic, mystery, miracles, and, well….a LOT of rain. And wind. And more rain. And then some more wind. And the river rose high and the sandbars disappeared and there was mud, mud, mud, glorious mud…everywhere.


Saved by Whales

photo: Lori Kutlik

photo: Lori Kutlik

The latest issue of the online journal, Dark Matter: Women Witnessing is titled “Making Kin”, and includes my essay “Saved by Whales” about my journey with non-human beings as my greatest spiritual teachers.

Other writers include Cynthia Travis, Jennifer Finley, Karen Mutter, Melissa Kwasny, Deena Metzger, Kyce Bello, Dominique Mazeaud, Kim Chernin, Susan Richardson, Patricia Reis, Grace Grafton, Cynthia Anderson, Sudie Rakusin, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Camille Norton, Mandy-Suzanne Wong, Tricia Knoll, Andrea Mathieson,  Kristin Flyntz,  and Lise Weil. Read more… (more…)

Tools for Empaths: Part 2

nancyathatcheryIn Tools for Empaths: Part 1 , I talked about daily-life tools that have been helpful for me as an empath in working with my sensitivity.

In this post, I’ll share some practical physical and spiritual tools that I use regularly to help me to stay balanced.

All of these tools help with grounding–staying embodied and in touch with our own energy: physically, mentally, emotionally,  and spiritually. (This is important for everyone, not just empaths!)


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