Solstice Blessings

December 20-21 marks the time of the Solstice–the shortest or longest day of the year, depending on which hemisphere you’re in. Here in the high desert of New Mexico, our short, sunny days are punctuated by long, cold nights. Snow caps the mountains at the higher elevations, and the dogs and I are enjoying winter hikes in the stately ponderosa pine forests.

I find this time of year in the northern hemisphere to be one of deep contemplation, stillness, and quiet. In my reflections this year, I’m filled with immense gratitude for all of the gifts of my life, for the precious beauty of our Earth and all she holds, and also a sense of deep grief about the tremendous suffering and pain in our world. Suffering is a part of life, as many spiritual traditions remind us, and if we can hold our own suffering, we can also hold and be present to the suffering of others.


How Reiki and Animal Communication Can Work Together

I love Reiki. It’s a tool I use daily for myself, my animal and human friends and family, and with my animal and human clients. It’s a basic part of my “toolkit”, and I can’t imagine living without it.

One of the things I love most about teaching both Reiki and interspecies communication is how they work together and support each other.

In my years of teaching both animal communication and Reiki, I’ve noticed that people who have Reiki training are able to use it to enhance their interspecies communication abilities, and that often it “turbo charges” people’s ability to send and receive telepathic and intuitive information clearly.


New Professional Animal Communication Practitioners

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner BadgeA couple of years ago, I reached a crisis point in my interspecies communication practice. After over a decade in the field, I came close to calling it quits.

This work is my heart, my life. Most days, I barely consider it work…it is my inspiration, my way of being, the deepest calling of my heart and soul, and the essence of my daily life with the animals and other non-human beings who share my home and my world.


The Hawk’s Eye: How to Speak Chicken

The Hawk’s Eye posts are an occasional sampling of what I’m reading, listening to, exploring, and learning…book and media reviews and recommendations and occasionally curated online content.

People are often surprised to hear that my chickens are frequent teachers in my animal communication classes. Our human-centric ideas and biases often lead people to wonder, “What could a chicken possibly have to teach?”


Prayer of Gratitude: All My Relations

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. I love having a holiday that is dedicated to gratitude…to giving thanks for all of the blessings of our lives. I try to remember to practice gratitude as a way of walking and being in the world in my daily life…and yet, it’s also wonderful to pause for an entire day to give thanks.

There is a beautiful saying and prayer that comes from the language and tradition of the Lakota People: Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ. It translates as All Are Related, or All My Relations. It’s a wonderful reminder of our interconnectedness here on Mother Earth, and of the spirit within all beings.


Speaking Up About Hate

I’m a white woman with an audience. These days, I guess that’s called a “platform.” It means that there are a significant number of people who pay attention to what I say, do, post, and write. And because of this, and because of what I see happening in my country and in the world, I feel it’s my responsibility to speak clearly, openly, publicly, and honestly about hate.


Cat Wisdom for the Eclipse

a total Solar Eclipse in LeoUnless you’ve been living in a cave for several months, you’re probably aware that we’ve got a big celestial event coming up on Monday of next week: a total Solar Eclipse in Leo,with the path of totality cutting a swath across the United States.

Eclipses are powerful celestial events that offer us a chance to reset. This energy is available whether or not you live in an area where the eclipse is visible. Individually and collectively, we are given the opportunity and the support to sink into the depths, enter the darkness, and begin again as the light returns.


The Elders of the Seas

It’s been a few months since we’ve returned from our pilgrimage-retreat in Baja (Journey to Baja: Pilgrimage of the Heart), and the gifts and blessings of this journey have continued to unfold in me. As we prepare for our 2018 trips, I am even more aware that these journeys are guided, organized, and orchestrated by a much greater community of sentience and awareness than we can understand, hold, or make sense of from the limited vantage point of our human perspective.


Qigong, Tai Ji, and Reiki

reiki-academyGuest Post by Beverley Kane, M.D.,  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and the founder of Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & THerapy (HEALTH)

Excerpted from the Stanford University Medical Tai Chi and Equine-imity syllabi, v7, Summer 2017

Nancy’s note: I asked for Beverley’s permission to repost this article here on the blog, as I really appreciated her insights about Reiki and how it both complements and differs from Tai Chi and Qigong.

New in 2017, we will play with qi (“chi”), life energy, in a different way than I have been taught and than I have been teaching. This change has been 40 years in evolution and manifests as the synthesis of two powerful traditions, Chinese and Japanese, in mindfulness, moving meditation, energy cultivation, and healing.


Interspecies Partnership and Co-Creation

When we begin to open to interspecies communication, many of us begin with communication with animals, as it’s often our animal friends who offer us the first invitations to reawaken our connection with the web of life and the universal language of telepathic communication and understanding.

However, we quickly discover that this way of being, perceiving, and moving in the world is not limited to animals…that it can include connection and communication with plants, trees, minerals, elemental beings and nature spirits, and the spirits of rivers, mountains, forests, oceans, prairies.


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