Bridges in Interspecies Communication Mentoring Program

2018 Schedule

Session 1: January – March, 2018

Session 2: April – June, 2018

Session 3: September – November, 2018

Who is this program for? 

This program is for people who have completed at least the Level 2/Deepening Animal Communication Class, and who wish to receive support and mentoring on their continuing animal communication journey.

In this program, we’ll explore the idea of bridges in several ways:

  • bridges between humans and other species
  • bridges in practicing and deepening telepathic communication between the scheduled online courses
  • bridges between our work as interspecies communicators and our lives in the “regular” world
  • bridges between humans who care about this way of connecting with and relating to the world of animals, plants, minerals…all beings of the Earth.

In each class, we’ll work with an animal or other non-human teacher, and have time to share, explore questions and topics in interspecies communication, and connect deeply with others who share the inspiration for this journey.

arch rock

Dates of Class Calls:

Session 2: April 6 – June 6, 2018

All calls are 90 minutes from 6:30pm – 8:00pm (Mountain Time).

Wednesday, April 11
Wednesday, May 23
Wednesday, June 20

Calls are through a US-based teleconference line; all you need is a phone line to participate. Your regular long-distance fees, if any, will apply. Some international access numbers are available.

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