Consultation Information for Lost and Missing Animals

Important: At this time, I am only available for lost/missing animal consultations for established clients.

Please see the Animal Communicator Directory for animal communicators who work with lost and missing animals.

Having a beloved animal friend become lost or missing can be extremely stressful, heartbreaking, and physically and emotionally draining. Here is some information about how I work with missing animals, and what you can expect in a consultation with me.

What to Expect

I am an animal communicator, rather than a psychic. So, when I work on a missing animal case, I receive information primarily from the animal’s perspective. This can include the animal’s emotions, physical senses (what they see, smell, hear, touch, taste), and physical and spiritual experiences. It is important to remember that this information is from the animal’s perspective, not a human perspective. (For example, they may show a busy street, but may not be able to show the street signs giving the name of the street, etc.) Because an animal’s sense of time can be different than humans’, sometimes this information will be about what an animal is currently experiencing, and sometimes it may be in what we would consider “the past.” Some animals are able to be clearer about this than others–it can vary by individual.

A communication consultation with an animal can be helpful in different ways. It may provide information which will help to locate the animal; it can also help to guide some animals home. However, knowing the information from an animal’s perspective does not always facilitate a reunion.

Please note that I will not ever be able to say definitely whether or not an animal is alive. I will share with you what I sense about their body, location, etc., but animals can “feel” alive when they are not, and they can also “feel” like they are in spirit when their bodies are still alive, so it is impossible to say for sure until the animal is located. Animals can be adept at having spiritual, “out-of-body” experiences while they are still alive, and they can also show “physical” experiences when they are in spirit. I will often have a strong sense about whether or not an animal is alive, but I cannot ever state this with 100% certainty as there are too many variables at stake.

I cannot do a missing animal consultation with you while you are actively looking for your animal (e.g., driving around in your car, walking the neighborhood, etc.) This is confusing for me and can also be confusing for your animal. It’s best if you are in a quiet location for the consultation where you can be still and listen to the information I get.

Client Support

The other service I provide during a lost animal consultation is support for my human clients. Losing a beloved animal is very stressful and heart-wrenching, and having a consultation can be helpful in strengthening your connection with your animal and helping you to stay calm, which can help to facilitate a reunion. A client’s love for their animal can be a kind of “yellow brick road” to guide their animal home, and so we work together to strengthen this heart connection and to help you to stay calm and focused in your search for your animal friend.

How to Prepare

In the beginning, I will ask you a few basic questions about your animal’s name, age, and breed, and the circumstances around their becoming missing or lost, to help me put their answers into some context and therefore understand them better. If at any time during the consultation you feel confused or do not understand what I am translating from your animal, please let me know. Sometimes it takes going deeper to really understand an animal’s perspective or experience.

It is very important that you share with me the information you already have: the circumstances around your animal becoming lost or missing, any tracking or detective work, etc. If you have worked with other animal communicators, I ask that you DO NOT tell me what they got until after our consultation so as not to influence what I get.

Initial Consultation and Follow-up Consultations

I schedule 30-minute consultations for lost or missing animals. In my experience, I am able to get the relevant information from the animal in this amount of time. I have not found that longer consultations are any more helpful in most missing animal cases.

In the course of our consultation, I will relay to you everything I am getting from the animal. One session is usually sufficient for me to relay the relevant information. Occasionally, a follow-up consultation may be helpful. I will do one follow-up consultation, if necessary, after our initial consultation, at my regular rates.

Other Resources

I encourage clients who are searching for a missing animal to utilize any and all resources available, in addition to my services. This includes: lost animal postings both in-person and online, Pet Detective search teams, and any other resources in your community.

Here are some links to missing and lost animal resources. Please note that the inclusion of a resource on this list does not mean that I endorse this resource.

Free Listing and Information Sites for Lost Animals:

Fido Finder

Finding Rover

Lost Dog Search

Lost My Doggie

Lost Pet USA

Missing Pet Network

Missing Pet Partnership (includes helpful information on what to look for in hiring a qualified pet detective/search dog team and links to people who provide these services)

Missing Pet Partnership (Facebook)

Oliver Alert


Fee-based services:

Missing Pet Detectives

Find Toto

Pet Amber Alert

Contact Nancy Windheart

Questions? Get in touch with us: