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Session Packages + Gift Certificates

Animal Communication and Healing Packages

There are times when it can be very beneficial to have a series of consultations and/or healing sessions, allowing for more in-depth work and continuity when working with issues such as:

  • Long-term or chronic health or emotional issues
  • End-of-life process
  • Deepening your relationship; exploration of spiritual growth and transformation with your animal friend

These sessions may include telepathic communication and Reiki and other energy healing, and will be tailored to the needs of the animal and human clients.

I offer discounted rates for these packages. Click on View Products/Packages on the scheduler to the left (the blue link towards the top) for details.

Grief Support Packages

The death of a beloved animal friend can be especially difficult. Often, people do not receive the same kind of support from family, friends and society that is available for those who lose a human loved one.

Animal communication, energy healing, and grief counseling can all be very helpful in moving through the grief process in a healthy way that honors and acknowledges the depth of your relationship with your animal friend.

I offer three- and six-session packages specially designed for people who have lost a beloved animal friend to death. These sessions include:

Animal Communication: connection and communication with your animal friend in spirit; ability to process unresolved issues, questions, and any feelings of guilt or regret with your animal friend. Telepathic communication can also give insight into your animals’ experience of life, death, and the spirit world, as well as potential spiritual insights, awareness, and perspective.

Energy Healing, Reiki: energy healing and distant Reiki can be very helpful in moving grief through the body and energy field, allowing it to express in healthy ways, and helping you to come to a place of greater balance, grounding, and acceptance. We also may utilize crystals, flower essences, and other healing tools to support you during this time.

Honoring and Memorializing: I will support you in creating a ceremony, ritual, or memorial that honors your beloved animal friend and your relationship with each other. This can be an important step in the healing process for both you and your animal friend.

I offer discounted rates for these packages. Click on View Products/Packages on the scheduler to the left (the blue link towards the top)  for details.

Animal Communication & Holistic Practitioner Mentoring Package
Private coaching, mentoring, and support for animal communication students, practitioners, and other holistic professionals. Package includes 180 minutes (3 hours) of sessions that you may schedule for the appointment length(s) of your choice. Please use within 120 days (4 months) of purchase.
I offer discounted rates for these packages. Click on View Products/Packages on the scheduler to the left (the blue link towards the top) for details.
Gift Certificates

You may purchase 45 and 60-minute gift certificates for animal communication consultations.

Gift Certificates may be printed or emailed to the recipient. Consultations include an mp3 recording.

Click on View Products/Packages located in the box on the left (the blue link towards the top)  to purchase a gift certificate.

Important Information About Consultations

Animal Communication Consultation Information

An Animal Communication Consultation with you and your animal can be helpful with many different situations, including:

  • Understanding and helping to resolve behavior or training issues
  • Family transitions: Bringing a new animal or child into the home, moves, relationship changes, etc.
  • Release of trauma or fear from injury or illness through counseling and long distance energy healing
  • End-of-life decisions and care
  • Missing or lost animals IMPORTANT: At this time, I am only available for lost/missing animal consultations for established clients.
  • Animals in Spirit: communication with the spirits of animals who have died can bring great healing and resolution to people who are grieving, and deepen the relationship between the animal and their person
  • Deepening your relationship with your animal and understanding your purpose together

A telepathic animal communication consultation is an opportunity for you to have direct two-way communication with your animal friend. You can ask questions about matters that are important to you or problems you may be having in your relationship. I work as a translator, with the intention of creating a clear, compassionate connection between you and your animal.

In this partnership with you and your animal friend, we work together to resolve misunderstandings, behavior problems, and other difficulties. I can sometimes share information on other modalities that may be helpful (bodywork, particular types of training, flower essences, etc.) and I can share Reiki both in-person and long distance to facilitate emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

I communicate with animals of any species, domestic or wild.

Animal communication consultations are by phone, Skype (international clients or by request), email, or in-person in northern Arizona. An mp3 recording is available for all phone and Skype consultations.

Do You Need to Physically Be with Your Animal Friend During Consultations?

No, you don’t need to be in the same physical location as your animal friend.

Scheduling and Payment

Scheduling: You may use the Acuity scheduler above to conveniently schedule your appointment.

Payment: Payment is required in advance of consultations. I accept payment through PayPal (you can pay at the same time as you schedule your appointment), or via check/money order received in advance. You can pay when you make the appointment through Acuity, or using the PayPal button above. (Please note that you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal; only a credit card is necessary.)

Discounted rates are available for multiple session packages. See below.

If you wish to pay by check/money order, mail to:

Nancy Windheart
P.O. Box 1223
Cornville, AZ 86325

Emergency Consultations: My availability for emergency consultations outside of regularly scheduled office hours is very limited. My emergency consultation fee is $50.00 in addition to the regular consultation fee.

In-Person Consultations: I have limited availability for local consultations in Sedona and the Verde Valley. My fee for in-person home or barn consultations is $370.00, 1 hour consultation + travel of up to 30 minutes each way.

First Time Clients

First-Time Clients: I recommend 45 or 60 minute sessions for first-time clients, unless the issue you are calling about is fairly straightforward. This allows me to get both your and your animal’s full history and perspective on the issue(s) we are working with, and allows adequate time for discussion, recommendations, and any appropriate healing work. After an initial consultation, continuing clients may schedule 30-minute follow-up consultations, as well as regular length appointments.

Lost and Missing Animals

Lost and Missing Animals: At this time, I am only available for lost/missing animal consultations for established clients. I schedule one 30-minute consultation for lost/missing animal cases, and will do one additional follow-up consultation if necessary. Please read Consultation Information for Lost and Missing Animals for more information about how I work with these cases.

Guidelines for Appointment Length

Guidelines for Appointment Length: As each situation, animal, and family is different, these are suggested guidelines only. Schedule the length of time that feels right for you.

30-minute consultations: 1-2 animals, 1-2 main issues for discussion (for established clients who have already had an initial consultation)
45-minute consultations: 1-3 animals; 1-3 main issues, may include healing work
60-minute consultations: 1-4 animals, in-depth healing work or conversation about larger issue, or several shorter questions/issues.
90-minute consultations: 4 or more animals or extended personal or healing work

Confidentiality, Scope of Practice, and Ethics Policy

Your animal communication session is a sacred time for you and your animal friend to communicate with each other. Your session and information is completely confidential. I am bound by the same confidentiality ethics as any medical, health, or spiritual professional.

I must have the permission of whomever has the responsibility for the care or custody of the animal I am working with in order for me to be able to do the consultation. In most cases, this is the animals’ primary guardian, and usually, this is the person who is requesting the consultation. If you are requesting a consultation for an animal who is not in your care/custody, and have any questions about this policy, please ask.

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care. I can often sense where and how an animal is feeling discomfort in his or her body, and communicate to you how the animal feels about what is going on with them physically, but I do not diagnose or treat medical problems. Please consult with your veterinarian for any physical difficulties your animal may be experiencing.

Animal communication is not a substitute for clear and humane training, good nutrition, and adequate exercise. The specific needs in these areas will vary with each individual animal, and a consultation can be helpful in gaining the animals’ perspective on what he or she needs, desires, and prefers.

I am not a “psychic” and I do not predict the future, tell you what to do, or “channel” information that is not related to the issues that we are working with in our consultation.

I ask clients to read the following prior to a first consultation with me:

Consultation Information for Clients

Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators by Penelope Smith

It is a privilege to work with you and your animal family. It is my intention to do this work with the highest integrity, ethical standards, compassion and respect for both you and your animal friends.

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