Downloadable E-Courses and Open Access Classes

Beginning Animal Communication Open Access Class

iStock_000035060986SmallThis class is the on-demand, open access version of the six-week Beginning Animal Communication Online Class. The curriculum for this course is designed so that you will take away specific, tangible resources you can use on your journey with animal communication.

If you want to begin your journey with animal communication on your own, and don’t want or need the support of an online community and structure, then this course is for you.

This course is $297, and is taught on the Ruzuku platform.

Ethics and Energetic Boundaries for Animal Communicators and Animal Energy Works OPEN ACCESS Class

This class is the on-demand, open access version of the four-week Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Online Class. This class is OPEN to any student or professional in Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, or other modalities of holistic animal energy work.

This class is also Level 3 of the Animal Communication Professional Training Program.

This course is taught on the Ruzuku platform and is $347 if you are in the Animal Communication Professional Training Program or $297 for the Regular Open Access class.

Prerequisites: Beginning Animal Communication class, Animal Reiki class, or by permission

Animal Reiki OPEN ACCESS Class

Learn to use the healing power of Reiki with animals of all species

This class is the on-demand, open access version of the Animal Reiki Online Class. This class is OPEN to certified Reiki Practitioners who wish to learn effective ways to use Reiki to support animals.

This course is taught on the Ruzuku platform and is $147.

Prerequisites: You must be a certified Reiki Practitioner (level one or higher in any Reiki tradition or lineage) to enroll in this class. If you are not yet a Reiki Practitioner, you may take the Reiki Level One Online Class, or find a class with a Reiki Master-Teacher in your area.


Journeys of Transformation: Teachings from the Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank

Whales_0913_1-2Join Nancy for this rare opportunity to learn from the collective and individual energy of the Atlantic Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank. In this series of two 90-minute teleclasses, which were recorded live, Nancy shares the teachings and wisdom that she received from the whales on her March 2013 journey where she spent time swimming with the whales, communicating and receiving their wisdom and profound energy transmissions. More info



Transformational Gifts from Animals

gifts-from-animals-badge-2In this collaborative class with animal communicators Nancy Windheart and Kristin Hadley Thompson, we explore insights into the gifts that our animals give to us, both obvious and subtle; share stories of amazing transformations that animals have assisted in orchestrating for their people; and translate heartwarming messages from animals about the gifts both given and received in their relationships with people.

The class includes two mp3 recordings (class and meditations) and a PDF workbook. More info



Animals’ Experiences in Spirit and the Afterlife

084Have you ever wondered about how animals experience death and the afterlife? How do animals describe the spirit world? What can the animals teach us about reincarnation, grief, love, loss, and healing? In this class, I share examples from the many animals I have worked with who are in the Spirit world, along with excellent questions and discussion from class participants.

This 90-minute recorded class includes a meditation for connecting with your animal friends in Spirit. More info



Relationships with Animals

021x This class explores the many ways that our animal friends influence our lives, as spiritual partners, mirrors, teachers, and beloved companions. Topics include negotiating relationship issues, understanding our animal friends’ roles and purposes in our lives, and deepening our understanding of the many layers of our relationships with our animals. More info

This is a 65-minute mp3 recorded teleclass (recorded live).

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