Arizona Animal Communication Workshop

with Nancy Windheart


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Saturday & Sunday, October 2-3, 2021

Azimuth Ranch

Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Discover your inborn, natural ability to communicate directly with animals and all life through the universal language of telepathy.



Have you ever said, “I wish I knew what my animal friend was thinking?”

Would you like to deepen your relationships with your animal companions?

It is possible to communicate with animals of any species, domestic or wild, through the universal language of telepathy.


In this workshop, I’ll share proven tools, practices, and activities that will help you to discover your own natural ability to communicate with animals and all life.


In this weekend workshop, you will:

  • Learn reliable, proven tools for interspecies communication that you can continue to practice and use in your daily life
  • Develop your ability to experience direct connection and communication with animals and all life
  • Explore and understand your own individual process for sending and receiving telepathic communication
  • Understand and feel the difference between direct two-way telepathic communication and human mental processes and thinking
  • Gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of the consciousness, intelligence, and wisdom that is available in and within all life

This program is open to people who are new to animal communication, as well as to people who have had prior experience or training.


I have taught this program in online and in-person formats for over a decade, and I will share with you the most important and effective tools and practices that I know for connecting reliably, clearly, and accurately with animals and all life.


Program Content and Schedule

In this 2-day program, you will have an opportunity to “unplug” from your normal life and learn new ways of being, listening, and understanding.

We’ll come together to practice and explore in a like-minded community of animal and nature lovers, with an emphasis on mutual support, learning, and growth.

We’ll experience new ways of listening through practices of silence, guided exercises and meditations, time to connect with animals and the land, and other practices designed to help you to open your internal intuitive and telepathic senses and listen and hear in new ways.

We will practice with animals both in person and at a distance, and have time for questions, feedback and guidance.

Come prepared to open into new ways of being and perceiving, with the support of the land and beautiful, nurturing energy of our host ranch and the animals who make their home there.

Schedule:  9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday


Day 1: The essentials of telepathic animal communication

      • Explore how you have already communicated telepathically with animals and expand on your experiences
      • Learn and practice tools for sending and receiving telepathic communication
      • Understand the levels of communication that are possible with other species
      • Learn how to experience animals’ perspectives and viewpoints
      • Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication

Day 2: Deepen and expand your experience, practice with animal teachers

      • Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when being with animals.
      • Practice sending and receiving telepathic communication with animals in thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, and messages.
      • Learn what authentic communication feels like (it’s different than thinking!)
      • Practice with animals both in-person and at a distance.

Relationships with animals and other-than-human beings are some of the most important relationships in our lives. At this time on our planet, it’s more important than ever that we learn to listen to and learn from the perspective and wisdom of all species who share this world with us.


About Azimuth Ranch

Our program will be held at Azimuth Ranch, a private residence which is home to a variety of animals who will be our teachers, including camels, llamas, alpaca, sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats.

Lunch: A vegetarian lunch is included in the program, with vegan and gluten free options. If you have special dietary needs, you are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks; a refrigerator will be available for participants.

Because this is a private home and ranch with a full community of animals, we ask that you do not bring your own animal companions to this program.


Fee and Registration

Early Registration by August 30: $495.00

Regular Registration: Sept. 1 and after: $595.00

To Register for this Program:

Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form HERE

Step 2: Send your payment via PayPal, Credit Card, or Check
(See below.)
There are a limited number of spaces for this program and we expect it to fill quickly. Early registration is strongly suggested.



If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your payment to:

Nancy Windheart
P.O. Box 6628
Santa Fe, NM 87502

What’s Included:

      • Program + Materials
      • Lunches (2)

What’s Not Included:

      • Your travel to Flagstaff + Azimuth Ranch
      • Lodging
      • Meals other than lunch
      • Travel insurance

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

In the event, for any reason, you cannot attend the program after you have registered, the following policies will apply.

If You Cancel Before September 1, 2021: The balance of your fees paid will be refunded to you after a cancellation fee of $50.00 for administrative costs.

All program fees are NON-REFUNDABLE for cancellations after September 1, 2021. You may transfer your registration to another person if both parties notify us in advance of the workshop.

If we need to cancel the workshop, your fees will be fully refunded.

Cancellation and refund or registration transfer requests must be received in writing via email.

COVID-19 Policy:

Our retreat will be held outdoors, with plenty of fresh air and space. We will have access to indoor space for restrooms and meal service. We ask that all participants mask while indoors, except when eating and drinking, and practice social distancing.

Our COVID policies may be updated in accordance with the most current local, state, and CDC guidance.


Recommended: Read Penelope Smith’s book Animal Talk.

What People Have Shared About Programs with Nancy Windheart

Nancy is gifted in holding space, creating a supportive environment for exploration, and encouraging the group to play as well as acknowledge the deep work being done. I appreciate the experiential orientation of the class. – Eleni, CA

I loved the meditations, and the simple, easy way you helped everyone to understand. Thank you for the reminder that I always have and always will communicate with animals and this does not make me strange, it makes me AWESOME! – Sheryl, NV

The exercises were varied and helpful, and very tangible and specific…I have tools to practice, and new insights about the entire process. – Tobey, AZ

Because of this experience, my confidence was increased and I was able to let go of some of my own fears, especially in communicating about things that used to cause me to shut down. I know without a doubt that I can master this with practice, practice, practice.” – Denise, CO

I feel comfort and confidence in my growing ability to communicate with the animals. Jennifer, AZ

About Your Guide

nancy-windheart-animal-communicator-interspecies-communication-teacherNancy Windheart is an internationally recognized animal communicator and interspecies communication teacher. She teaches courses and training programs in interspecies communication for both lay people and those who wish to practice professionally, and provides animal communication consultations, intuitive and energy healing sessions, and professional mentoring for clients worldwide. She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher and a certified Yoga teacher.

Nancy’s interspecies communication students have included scientists, trainers, groomers, behaviorists, animal rescue volunteers and professionals, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, Reiki and animal Reiki practitioners, pet sitters, and many animal lovers from all walks of life. Certified graduates of her Animal Communication Professional Practitioner Training Program have gone on to work professionally in the field of animal and interspecies communication.

Nancy’s work has been featured in television, radio, magazine, and online media, and she has written for many digital and print publications. She is a contributor to the book from Sounds True, The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom From Our Feline Friends.

Nancy’s life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through interspecies communion, connection, and communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her services, classes, workshops, and retreats. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her animal family of dogs, cats, and chickens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COVID Policy for this retreat?

Our retreat will be held outdoors, with plenty of fresh air and space. We will have access to indoor space for restrooms and meal service. We ask that all participants mask while indoors, except when eating and drinking, and practice social distancing.

Our COVID policies may be updated in accordance with the most current CDC and state guidance.

May I bring my animal companion to this workshop?

No. The resident animals of Azimuth Ranch will be our animal teachers. Please leave your animal companions at home.

What about the altitude?

Flagstaff is at 7000 feet elevation. If you are coming from lower elevations, you WILL feel the altitude. (Olympic athletes train here for a reason!)

The most common symptoms people feel are fatigue, sleepiness, and headaches. You can minimize this with a few practices:

Many people find that taking liquid chlorophyll in advance of travel to high altitudes helps tremendously. I recommend starting this at least a week before you arrive.

Arrive well-hydrated and stay well-hydrated. You’ll need to drink more water than usual if you are coming from a lower elevation or moister climate.

Alcohol has a greater effect at high elevation (and can interfere with animal communication).

What should I bring?

Flagstaff is at 7000 feet elevation. Typical October weather is warm days and cool nights. The sun is strong.

  • Layered clothing, including wind/rain jacket
  • Closed-toed shoes or boots: required for being around the large animals
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sun protection
  • A camp or folding chair, if you are driving. We will have extra chairs for those participants who are traveling by air.
  • A notebook or journal and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Any special food that you require (refrigerator is available)
  • An open heart, curiosity, and willingness to learn, explore, and have fun!

How do I get to Azimuth Ranch?

AIR TRAVEL: The nearest airport is Phoenix, Arizona, about a 2 hour drive from Flagstaff. You’ll need to either rent a car in Phoenix, or take one of the airport shuttles to Flagstaff and then rent a car there to get to the ranch.

DRIVING: Azimuth Ranch is on the east side of Flagstaff. Once you register, we will send you the address so that you can get directions.

Where do I stay?

LODGING: Flagstaff has many options for lodging, including hotels at various prices, B &B’s, AirBnB’s, and camping. Please book your lodging early as October is a popular time for travel.

Here is a website that lists many options:

Can you accommodate my special diet?

Our lunches and snacks will be vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options. If you have other dietary needs or allergies, you are welcome to bring your own food and snacks. There is a refrigerator available for participants.

Where does this retreat fit in the Animal Communication Program?

This retreat is a Level 1 Program; it covers similar material to the Beginning Animal Communication Online Class.

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