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I have some exciting news: I’ve scheduled the first live, in-person program since 2019! I’ll be teaching a 2-day Animal Communication Workshop in Flagstaff, AZ Oct. 2-3, 2021.

I wasn’t going to even think about returning to in-person teaching until 2022, but then I got an invitation I couldn’t refuse: teaching at a private ranch that is home to camels (yes, camels!), llamas, alpaca, and a whole bunch of other wonderful resident animals.

There is something special about gathering in-person, and being with animal teachers physically. Although I’m so grateful for online teaching and the ability that we have to connect globally through technology, I love being outdoors, smelling animal smells and touching animal fur and being able to look people in the eye in real time and real physical space.

If you’re interested in attending this workshop, we’d love to have you. You can find all of the details here: Arizona Animal Communication Workshop

Space is limited for this program and we expect it to fill quickly, so if you’re interested, I encourage you to register as soon as possible. I hope you can join us!



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