Animals’ Experiences in Spirit and the Afterlife


communication with animals who have diedHave you ever wondered about how animals experience death and the afterlife? How do animals describe the spirit world? Is it possible to communicate with animals who have died? What can the animals teach us about reincarnation, grief, love, loss, and healing?

This class shares perspectives from the animals about these questions:

•    How do animals experience the death process?
•    How do animals express their wishes about how they die?
•    How do animals experience the afterlife and the spirit world?
•    Can animals communicate with people after they die, and how do they do that?
•    What can the animals teach us about grief and healing?
•    Do animals reincarnate? How does it work? How can we find each other again?

In this class, I share examples from the many animals I have worked with who are in the spirit world, along with excellent questions and discussion from class participants.

The class also includes a meditation for connecting with your animal friends in spirit.

You’ll receive:
90-minute teleclass (recorded live), mp3 recording

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