Journeys of Transformation: Teachings from the Humpback Whales



Breaching-Whale-GretaJoin Nancy for this opportunity to learn from the collective and individual energy of the Atlantic Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank.

The Marine Mammal Sanctuary of the Silver Bank, off the coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, is the winter breeding and calving grounds for the Atlantic Humpback Whales.

In this series of two 90-minute recorded (mp3) teleclasses, Nancy shares the teachings that she received from the whales on her March 2013 journey with the whales: swimming with them, communicating with them, and receiving their wisdom and profound energy transmissions.

In these classes, you will:

  • Experience guided meditations to connect with the whales and receive their energy transmissions
  • Learn techniques to connect with the whales’ wisdom and guidance on your own
  • Receive teachings and communication from the whales from their perspectives, wisdom, and experience
  • Listen to an exceptional sample of whale song recorded live in the Silver Bank on March 27, 2013, during¬†the Full Moon

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