Transformational Gifts from Animals


A Collaborative Class with Nancy Windheart and Kristin Hadley Thompson

gifts-from-animals-badge-2Our animal friends potentially offer us amazing gifts of transformation in our lives. Experiences, perceptions, insights, and growth that we never could have imagined become available to us because of our relationships with them. And whether we are still together or separated physically by distance or death, we can receive and understand those gifts and share our gratitude with our beloved animals. Our animals can also receive gifts of transformation through their relationship with us–it can be a beautiful two-way exchange of evolution and growth.

In this class, we:

  • Explore insights into the gifts that our animals give to us, both obvious and subtle
  • Share stories of amazing transformations that animals have assisted in orchestrating
  • Translate heartwarming messages from animals about the gifts both given and received in their relationships with people

You’ll receive:

  • Class Recording: 1 hour and 45 minute mp3
  • Transformational Care Kit (16-page PDF Workbook)
  • Meditations to Connect and Receive Gifts from the Animals: 26 minute mp3 recording
Reviews of Transformational Gifts from Animals:

“It is more than a ‘course.’  It is an experience…one that is felt deeply in the core of our being and in connection with each other …animals and human.”  Nancy C, New York

“I laughed, I cried, I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I can’t wait for more!” Marcia B, California
“This course opens up our minds and hearts and gives us a deeper understanding of why our animal companions walked into our lives.”  Denise W, Texas

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