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water rocksHave you found life to be unpredictable lately?

So much is happening within and without. Weather. Monumental astrological alignments. Restructuring of systems on all levels. Internal shifts. External shifts. Surprises. Disasters. It’s all here.

I talk with a lot of people in the course of a week…and I can tell you that people are dealing with a lot right now. There is a huge amount of change, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, transformation, loss, grief, joy, revelation, ecstasy, and hope all happening at once.

In my life, too, there are many shifts. Rebalancing. Restructuring. Sudden animal illnesses and recovery. Profound joy and long periods of deep awareness, peace, and productivity followed by days of feeling almost too wiped out to move. As a friend and I were sharing recently, sometimes we feel like those Halloween Witches who have splatted into a tree.

I’ve been working on a couple of big projects, new offerings that I’d hoped to get out by this week. Actually, by last week. Well, really, by the week before last.

And I thought they would be complete this week…and then, surprise, the shopping cart service that delivers all of my classes was knocked out by Hurricane Sandy.

This is a super-mini-micro-sized inconvenience compared to the hardship and suffering that so many are experiencing in the storm’s aftermath. Like so many, I have been holding space with prayer and intention for grace and ease for all of those affected by this monumental storm.

And it’s made me think again about all the ways that I think I am in control, all the plans, the ideas, the thinking about the future…when in reality, all that is true and real is right now, and THIS MOMENT is all that there is.

It’s not always easy to stay balanced.

What I learn and re-learn is that if I allow my life to be like the banks of the river, and allow life itself, each moment, to flow, things work. I’m not in control of the flow. Sometimes there is a lot of water. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes there are rapids and floods and huge rocks to flow around. Sometimes the flow is calm and peaceful.

My only job is to hold steady, to be the banks, to stay centered and grounded and present. This is the practice. And it is sometimes the hardest dang thing in the world to do.

I’m teaching my Communicating with Animals in-person course this weekend. As always before teaching, I feel excited with anticipation and also some anxiety. It helps me to remember that I’m really not “teaching” anything; rather, I’m simply holding the space for people to remember what they already know.

I don’t have to be the authority (what a relief!); I don’t have to “do” anything. The only thing necessary is to allow the unfolding. To give it room and space to breathe, to give the river a channel to flow through. Spirit, the wind, the sky, the trees, the animals, will flow through us and take care of us and bring us to where we need to go.

It really IS that simple. The rest is a story (and often a mess) that I create with my mind.

If your life feels chaotic, try to remember to take some time, even if just for a moment or two, to touch the earth. Feel the sun. Smell the air. Put your hands and feet on the earth and let her hold you.

Feel your spirit, your core, your soul, as the banks of the river.



Remember that now, this moment, this life, this breath, contains the precious wealth of everything.

And it is so much more than enough.

I offer personal coaching/healing/intuitive sessions for people who are seeking support for their spiritual, life path, and healing journeys. If you would like support for your journey, it would be my privilege to assist you.

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