Irrawaddy Dolphin Communication

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This month’s cetacean communication shares the joy and play and FUN of the Irrawaddy Dolphins.

I didn’t know much about the Irrawaddy Dolphins, closely related to the Orcas, before I was asked to do this communication. So before I did a little research on them, I asked them to show me a “snapshot” of who they are, what they are about, what their energy and mission is. The Irrawaddy are an endangered species…but after this communication, I feel that they are a species who will be staying in the physical earth plane—at least for a good while.

The Irrawaddy immediately gave me an incredible feeling of joy—of playfulness—and a very funny, comical sense of humor. They also showed me that they have a very sparkly and loving view of people, and a great delight in their physical lives—swimming, eating, mating, playing.

A young male Irrawaddy came to be the “spokes-dolphin” for his species. I asked if he had a name, and he gave it to me in his language—in clicks and chirps and a kind of whirring/burring. Laughing, he said, “there’s no way to translate what it means in your language…but I will give you the feeling.” He showed me in feelings and pictures: “He Who Comes and Goes through the Streams and The Oceans, Eating Fish and Dancing with the Stars”. The playful, exuberant feeling of joy was so palpable that I laughed and laughed.

We are a strong group. Our numbers may be ‘few’ in human terms, but our strength as a species is great. We have a long partnership with the people who live near our water. We share a great love and respect with many humans.

Our spiritual mission with humans, and on this earth, has two parts. The first is to create partnerships and relationships with humans—this is a great part of our purpose here. We live in areas that are close to people, and so our lives are very connected, and have been since ancient times.

Our second purpose is to bring in the energies of the stars, our dancing partners, into this particular place on the earth. We bring in the Star Light, and spread it all around with our joyful swimming, playing, and by mating and eating, having young and creating families…the Star Light then is held in the water through our bodies, and spreads all around through the earth, the trees, the fish that we eat, the people who see us and enjoy us…sparkling everywhere! The Star Light becomes the Rain—and then it goes over the whole Earth!

Our waters are an important location on the earth for many reasons….our mission here is to live our lives with joy and delight, to connect with all of the humans who love us and appreciate us—and to bring the sparkling light of the stars here into this physical land, for the benefit of all beings on the earth. We bring the light from our home to our home [shows me star-home and earth-home].

Our species is strong….and we have every intention of remaining here on this Earth. We love it here! Let’s play together! Join us! Sparkle, Swim, unite in Joy, and be free!”

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