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Reiki Academy

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Reiki Level 3: Advanced Reiki Techniques and Reiki Master-Teacher Training (more info coming soon)
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Downloadable eCourses

Animal Communication Toolkit – Free Download

Journeys of Transformation: Wisdom from the Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank: Teachings that Nancy received from the whales on her March 2013 journey with the whales.

Animals’ Experiences in Spirit and the Afterlife: This class focuses on what the animals can teach us about death, reincarnation, the spirit world, grief, and healing.

Relationships with Animals: This class explores the many ways that our animal friends influence our lives, as spiritual partners, mirrors, teachers, and beloved companions.

Animal Communication Tools for Shelter and Rescue Workers:  This free, 60-minute class was originally presented on July 21, 2010 as a program of the Animal Communicator Forum that can be used by people who work with sheltered and rescued animals.

Transformational Gifts from the Animals: A Collaborative Class with Nancy Windheart and Kristin Thompson: This class explores Animal Communication as a Spiritual Path.  Find out more about telepathic animal communication can awaken and deepen our spiritual journeys.

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