The Spirit in All Things

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For many people, opening to interspecies telepathic communication begins with a desire to better understand the non-human animals who share our lives, our homes, and our world.

We learn about and begin to practice telepathic animal communication, and a surprising thing happens: we begin to open up to telepathic and intuitive communication and communion with all life…plants, trees, rocks, non-physical beings such as nature spirits, devas, angels, spirit guides, beings who reside in other dimensions and worlds…the possibilities are limitless.

But what about things that we typically think of as “objects” or “things”? It may surprise you to learn that these, too, have consciousness, spirit, a life force or intelligence that can be felt, sensed, and communicated with. We know through quantum physics that there is intelligence, consciousness, and awareness in and through everything…that the entire manifest world is made of the fire of creativity and life.

This is a game-changer. If there is spirit in all things, if everything is a manifestation of the divine creative energy of the cosmos…we realize that connection is the truth of who and what we are, that it is the foundational principle of the universe…that we are, quite literally, one.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with my dear friend and colleague, Kristina Rogers, a licensed acupuncturist, teacher, healer, and spiritual coach, to talk about her work with energetic clearing and communicating with the spirits of houses, and our connection through intuitive and telepathic communication with all life…the entire manifest world.


Kristina says,

I’ve come to realize that each house has its own energetic presence…what I call a Spirit. These beings keep our houses well. They have a presence and bring a specific feeling tone to our homes.

I have a client who is remodeling a spec house and the job had been going badly. We spoke to the Spirit of the house and it desperately wanted someone to live in the house and honor it.

It had laid empty and been neglected. Once we realized the owner could live in the house, everything changed.

The Spirit of the house became ecstatic and the job moved forward.

Another client was interested in the Spirit of her house. She just wanted to know what it was like. This Spirit was a large female being of deep sweetness.

In a house that wouldn’t sell, there was a discordant energy from a previous renter. Once that was cleared the house sold quickly.

Sometimes our houses become energetically clogged by too much stuff, ill will between household members, or change in occupants. The Spirit of the house will feel this, as you do.

In our conversation, Kristina and I talk about interspecies communication, the spirit of houses, and feeling the perspective of spiritual wisdom from within the viewpoint of a whale.


As we open more and more to all of the levels of reality that are available to us, we open to the possibility of walking in our lives and in our world in deeper and deeper harmony, connection, and love.

Learn more about Kristina and her house clearing work here.

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