These Small Moments Matter So Much

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Like abbymany people who live in a multi-animal household, it’s often a struggle for me to give each of my animals all of the one on one time that they, and I, would like. I do my best to create opportunities for solo time with each of the dogs and cats (and the chickens who enjoy it) when I can.

Abby, my chihuahua mix (chiweenie, as we say here in the southwest) had her “Be an Only Dog for the Day” time last week while the “Bigs” (Leah, Tashi, and Surya) were at the “Spaw” (AKA the fabulous Unleashed ). Due to all of the snow and rain we had this winter, we’re having an exceptionally gorgeous summer here in northern New Mexico, and Abby and I went for a wonderful hike together in the high mountains.


santa fe, new mexico

The wildflowers are blooming, the creeks are running, the forest is greener than green, and Abby and I ambled along happily together. We had lunch at a restaurant with a dog-friendly patio, and Abby got to sit on my lap and enjoyed being the center of my attention for the day.

These small moments in our lives matter so much… the daily moments of togetherness, joy, and friendship. I continue to be reminded of how important it is to pause, to slow down, to take time, to smell the smells and connect with the earth and live life as our animal friends do… connected, present, awake.

I hope that you and your animal beloveds have a wonderful week, sharing love, friendship, and perhaps being outdoors together.

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