Professional Certified Animal Communication Practitioners

What Does Certification Mean?

Practitioners listed on this page are graduates of the Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy Professional Practitioner Training and Certification Program.

People who have completed this program have done a series of coursework and training over a period of at least 2 years, with rigorous requirements for case studies and field work. Graduates of this program have satisfactorily completed all class requirements and prerequisites, and have been extensively mentored by Nancy Windheart in telepathic interspecies communication, professional consultations, and professional ethics.

Certification through this program indicates that people have achieved and demonstrated a basic foundational competency in telepathic communication with animals, animal-human consultations, and professional ethics.

All animal communicators certified through this program must agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators by Penelope Smith, and the Ethical Agreements for Interspecies Communication Practice by Nancy Windheart.

Notice: Nancy Windheart and Nancy Windheart, LLC, does not guarantee the results or outcome of any services provided by these practitioners. Individual clients are responsible to contract with practitioners using their own judgment and discretion, and practitioners are solely responsible for their own work and relationships with clients.

Ethical Agreements: Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators by Penelope Smith

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner Badge

Cindy Bertsch – Silent Connections with Cindy Bertsch
Coopersburg, PA – United States:

My services include animal communication consultations via telephone. I offer several different scheduling options which are available for review and online booking on my website ( All consultations include complementary Reiki with permission of all involved and may include suggestions for additional healing modalities (example: Bach Flower Essence Remedies). I will have availability each month for a minimum of one consultation which will be accepted as pro-bono work. Cases will be reviewed/accepted on an individual basis taking into consideration the nature of the communication needed and time involved. Currently, I am not accepting pro-bono cases for lost or missing animals.

I, Cindy Bertsch, acknowledge my commitment and full intention of adhering to both the Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith and Ethical Guidelines by Nancy Windheart.


Cheryl Nason
Pakenham (near Ottawa), ON – Canada:

Certified animal communicator (by Nancy Windheart); Guild-certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals; and Reiki practitioner.  Offering international long distance or local in-person consultations for 1 or more animals, including for deceased animals.  Currently not taking lost/missing animal cases.

I am committed to adhering to both the Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith and Ethical Guidelines by Nancy Windheart in my practice.

Professional Certified Animal Communication Practitioners

Lisa Pittman – Be.Share.Love. – Animal Communication and Animal Reiki
Augusta, GA – United States:

I offer 30, 45, and 60-minute animal communication consultations, by phone, that include Reiki healing for both animal and human during the session, at reasonable rates. I am not available to work with lost and missing animals, but I offer consultations for animal shelter and rescue organizations free of charge.

I humbly commit to adhere to the Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith and Ethical Guidelines by Nancy Windheart.


George Wright – Wild Voices
Jindabyne, New South Wales – Australia:

Available to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. Specialising in Interspecies Communication, I can work with any type of animal, insect, plant etc. Pro-Bono work available for Australian sanctuaries and rescue organisations. Able to work with lost and missing animal cases.

I wholeheartedly adhere to and strictly follow both Nancy Windheart’s and Penelope Smith’s Ethics and Guidelines for animal communicators.

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