The Karma of Cats

Spiritual Wisdom From Our Feline Friends

The Karma of Cats is published! I’m honored to have my essay, “Guru Cat” – the story of how my formerly-feral cat, Freddie became one of my greatest spiritual teachers and guides – included in this beautiful and inspiring book.


I believe that everyone is an animal communicator. Telepathy is a universal language, and my role as a professional animal communicator and interspecies communication teacher is to help to bring animal communication out of the “paranormal” and back into the “normal.”

I’m fluent in the universal language of telepathy, and I’m passionate about helping people to better understand their animal friends and to connect deeply with all life.

I offer animal communication consultations, mentoring, and classes and programs in animal communication, Reiki + energy healing, and intuitive and spiritual development.

I’m so glad that you’re here!

About You

  • Is your connection with animals and nature one of the most important things in your life?
  • Do you want to understand what your animal friends are thinking and feeling?
  • Are you looking for a compassionate animal communicator to help you and your animal friends to better understand each other?
  • Would you like to learn to communicate with animals yourself?
  • Do you want to learn to support animals through holistic energy healing?
  • Are you on a path of spiritual and intuitive development and growth?
  • Are you considering a path as a professional animal communicator?

Get started with the free Basics of Animal Communication Class...and begin your journey today!


Get Free Access to the Basics of Telepathic Animal Communication!

Want to learn more? The course includes:

  • A 60-Minute Introductory Video on the essential basics you need to know
  • “10 Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals” eBook
  • “Open Your Heart to the Animals Meditation” mp3 audio
  • Weekly “Animal Inspirations” Newsletter

Upcoming Classes & Events

Reiki Level 1<br />
for People and<br />
Reiki Level 1
for People and

Learn to use the healing power
of Reiki for yourself
and your human and
friends and family!

Ethics and Energetic Boundaries<br />
Online Course
Ethics and Energetic Boundaries
Online Course

Develop professional ethics & healthy energetic boundaries in animal communication, animal Reiki & holistic animal energy work.

Beginning Animal Communication Online Course (Level 1)
Beginning Animal Communication Online Course (Level 1)

Develop your ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Learn resources you can use on your journey with animal communication.

See what else is coming up. Visit the Calendar of Events here.


On-demand classes on special topics in animal communication, Reiki, energy healing, intuition, and spiritual development that you access and use at your convenience.

Develop and deepen your skill and experience in telepathic animal communication with a series of online classes, self-paced classes and in-person workshops and retreats.

Learn this simple and powerful modality for holistic healing, stress reduction and relaxation. I teach in the Usui Reiki tradition with a special focus on sharing Reiki with animals.

Become a Certified Animal Communication Practitioner

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner Badge

The Animal Communication Professional Certification Program is an intensive, comprehensive professional training program for people who want to use telepathic animal communication to serve animals and their human companions.

Certification through this program indicates that people have achieved and demonstrated a basic foundational competency in telepathic communication with animals, animal-human consultations, and professional ethics.

Work with Nancy

Consultations, Mentoring, and Intensives

dragonflyAnimal Communication Consultations

When I communicate with an animal, I receive their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, and serve as a two-way translator for  you and your animal friend.


I offer 1:1 private mentoring for interspecies communication students and practitioners, Reiki and Animal Reiki practitioners, and other related professionals.

dragonflyRetreats and Workshops

In-person interspecies communication retreats, trips, and workshops provide an intensive immersion experience for participants.

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