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Nancy Windheart is an internationally recognized animal communicator and interspecies communication teacher. She teaches courses and training programs in interspecies communication for both lay people and those who wish to practice professionally, and provides animal communication consultations, intuitive and energy healing sessions, and professional mentoring for clients worldwide. She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher and a certified Yoga teacher.

Nancy’s interspecies communication students have included scientists, trainers, groomers, behaviorists, animal rescue volunteers and professionals, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, Reiki and animal Reiki practitioners, pet sitters, and many animal lovers from all walks of life. Certified graduates of her Animal Communication Professional Practitioner Training Program have gone on to work professionally in the field of animal and interspecies communication.

Nancy’s work has been featured in television, radio, magazine, and online media, and she has written for many digital and print publications. She is a contributor to the book from Sounds True, The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom From Our Feline Friends.

Nancy’s life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through interspecies communion, connection, and communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her services, classes, workshops, and retreats. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her animal family of dogs, cats, and chickens.

A Message from Nancy

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my work. My animal family and I live in northern New Mexico close to many exquisite natural areas and sacred sites. My animal communication, teaching, and healing services are available to clients all over the world via phone, internet, and Skype, and I also work in-person here in my community.

My life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through telepathic animal communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through my healing services, classes, workshops, and retreats.

Since childhood, I have had a deep love for animals, and a fascination for understanding how other beings think, feel, and view the world. I will never forget spending hours in the barn on my grandparents’ dairy farm, singing to the barn cats and cows, in a little trance of joy with my beloved friends.

My journey with telepathic communication began as a child, with the farm animals and family dogs as my teachers and closest companions. I never knew it was called “telepathy” – I simply knew that I understood what my animal friends were thinking and feeling and that they understood me.

My love for animals of all species later led me to several years of work with local and national rescue organizations, which gave me the opportunity to re-awaken and sharpen my intuitive animal communication abilities with many wonderful animals as my teachers, guides, and friends.

My other interest as I was growing up was music, and I spent many years training, performing, and teaching as a professional classical pianist. While there were many things that I enjoyed about this work, ultimately, it was not the deepest calling of my heart, and I wanted more than anything to be able to find a way to devote my life to working with animals and helping others to deepen their spiritual connections with their animal friends.

When I finally got on my true life path as an animal communicator, energy worker, and teacher, I realized that the years I spent in the music world had given me many valuable gifts, including deep, intuitive listening beyond spoken language, an ability to communicate with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, and experience with teaching and speaking to audiences both small and large.

I teach animal communication classes and provide animal communication consultations for clients worldwide. My articles have been published in Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, and my articles on animal communication have also appeared in other publications, including Earth Odyssey Magazine, American Pet Magazine, and Love Letters: The Love More Project. I’ve also been on the faculty of the Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network.

When we open ourselves to the spiritual dimensions and full communication with the whole web of life, we often embark on a deep soul-level healing journey. My desire for healing and growth for myself and my animal friends has led me to training and practice in several modalities, including Reiki, yoga, and yoga therapy. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher and a Professional Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, and I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher and an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.

I’m deeply grateful for the guidance of my many wonderful teachers, both animal and human, whose beautiful spirits continue to inspire my work and my life each day.

I’d love to hear from you. I invite to join my social media communities of animal lovers, and receive more inspiration from my newsletter mailing list.

Connection with all life is powerful… it changes us, our communities, and our world. Together, we make a huge difference.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Nancy Windheart

Print Publications


Featured In:

Los Angeles Travel Magazine (Spring 2015 Issue)

Professional Associations:

International Association of Reiki Professionals

Universal Life Church

Yoga Alliance (RYT 200)


Doctor of Music Program, ABD, Piano Performance, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Master of Music, Piano Performance, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Bachelor of Music, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Certifications:

Reiki Master-Teacher, 2009

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) 2008

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Ordained Minister, ULC 2010


My Specialties

  • Behavior and training issues
  • Family transitions
  • Healing of trauma or fear from injury, abuse, or illness
  • End-of-life decisions and care
  • Communication with wild and “pest” animals
  • Communication with the spirits of animals who have died
  • Deepening your relationship with your animal friend and understanding your spiritual purpose together

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What Clients Say About Working with Nancy…

  • Nancy is a wonderful animal communicator. She has helped me several times when our schnauzer, Pepper, was very ill and we thought we would lose him. She was able to bring us perspective and hope on his situation and both times he had truly miraculous recoveries. Nancy also has helped our golden retriever, Mac, work through his emotions and family issues. When he attacked Pepper, which was extremely out of character, Nancy was able to get right to the heart of the problem when my emotions were blocking me from really getting a clear picture. Nancy has also given me the confidence to speak to and hear the animals telepathically and offers beautiful validation for me that I’m really doing it. Her kind, loving, approach has helped us not only in our household, but also in my healing practice as well. Thank you Nancy!

    Tami Duncan
    Tami Duncan Epiphany Healing Arts
  • I was having a very difficult time working with my cat Sharif. Over the years he had developed the habit of inappropriately peeing around the house whenever he felt upset and his peeing was escalating. Though I had worked with several other animal communicators, it was through Nancy's gentle and loving help that she uncovered just how sensitive Sharif was to the sometimes very stressed out humans in the house. After communicating with Sharif and also doing reiki with him, Sharif has let go of his anxieties and is a much more relaxed and contented cat. Sharif has stopped his peeing and we are so very thankful for Nancy's help!

    A. Lee
    A. Lee
  • Nancy came through for me and my friend, Eema the cat, at a very stressful point in our lives. After a challenging move to New York City, Eema was missing for several hours and I became panicked. I was feeling lost and alone already in such a huge city, but to not be able to find Eema and to worry I wasn't able to keep her safe sent me over the edge. Nancy was 100% there for me in an emergency session, where she was able to check in with Eema, describe her environment, assure her that things were going to be okay, and that she was safe to come out of where she was hiding. Nancy also coached me through how I could work with my energy as well, so I was providing a welcoming space for Eema to return to. Directly after the phone call with Nancy, Eema started calling and I was able to find her in a hidden space behind the cupboards that I didn't know existed. My relief was immense and I was overjoyed to be reunited with my friend. I am so grateful for Nancy's amazing intuitive ability, her calm, reassuring presence, and her invaluable gifts as an animal communicator. She came through for us in such a supportive way in a time of stress and fear.

    Darcy Skye Holoweski
    Darcy Skye Holoweski Energy Medicine Practitioner and Coach
  • I was referred to Nancy by a fellow car club member after my beloved dog “Stubby” passed very suddenly in Sept 2010. I was simply devastated and was having a hard time functioning. The first consultation with Stubby changed my life--Nancy is just an amazing person! And I started to feel much better after our communication. We got another dog not long after losing Stubby. Griff was the same breed and also an amazing boy, and I also developed a deep love for him, Griff had a few issues, so I had regular consults with Nancy and the other dogs...this has changed my life and it helped me better understand my pets. Our consults have just been beautiful and uplifting for me and I know I will see my babies again.

    Tom Walker
    Tom Walker MD
  • Thank you Nancy for your mentoring and animal communication sessions. You have helped me to understand my dog and myself more clearly. We have a better and deeper relationship now and it continues to grow. Thank you for your support and loving energy and for being here for us. To work with you is always such a pleasure.

    Yaarit and Knight
    Yaarit and Knight
  • I don't know if you remember much about the specifics of the reading you gave for me and Bailey last year, but I just have to fill you in on what has been happening. In January, there was a fire in my apartment building from the restaurant below us....thick black smoke was billowing throughout the entire building (Bailey had said there was something bad coming in from the vents). We ended up living in a hotel for a month before finding another place to live....as I was walking up to it one day, I remembered our reading and where Bailey had said he'd like to live and realized this was it! It is exactly what he said- a small yellow cottage (mother-in-law unit) with a view of the water from the kitchen window! To top it all off- he is SO happy here, he hasn't gone to the bathroom once out of the litter box in over six weeks, which is our longest streak ever!

    Megan Gala
    Megan Gala
  • I’m so pleased with the progress my dog has made. After our session, I was able to curl my body around him and hold him and rub/scratch his belly and pet his soft head. He leaned his head back and looked at me with his beautiful soulful eyes and for the first time in a long time, I saw my Bootsie Bear in them! Even on the good days he’s had in the past few months he hasn’t been that relaxed and happy. He hasn’t had a 'crazy' episode since before we spoke. Thank you again for helping me get my Boots back!

  • Thank you so very much for taking the time to speak with some of our cats yesterday. We were awestruck by how you were right on the money with each of the cats and how much of their personalities and needs you were able to convey. We feel like you gave us a gold mine of information on these kitties.

    Amy Berke
    Amy Berke
  • I was so excited that Nancy helped me to communicate with the ants in my house. Our serious ant problem had miraculously been solved. I felt like I had made friends with the ants and we came to understand each other in a whole different way.

    Andrew Wollenberg
  • The information that Nancy gave me (via my dog) has allowed me to correct not only her physical imbalances, but her emotional ones as well.  She is like a completely different dog...a joyful one at that!

    Karla Ely
  • Thank you so much for talking with all of us yesterday. It has truly meant the world to us and we are so grateful for the opportunity to hear our dog's point of view and what she wants to do. During the consultation, she walked around to each one of us as we spoke and looked into our eyes. She wanted to make sure that we were getting the message. It was a truly beautiful experience and I wanted to thank you for creating the environment for making it possible.

    Anna Smith
  • My mentoring work with Nancy has provided me support on many levels, from the concrete and practical to the emotional and spiritual. In a short time, we have covered far more ground, and I have received much more value, than the scope of what I originally envisioned. Nancy’s gifts working with humans are as great as her gifts working with our animal friends. Her presence, compassion, clear vision, support, and integrity create a container for transformation, healing, and growth to effortlessly unfold. Each session has been unique, and yet the big picture has always been present. I came to Nancy feeling stuck and unsure of where to next take my work. That now feels like a distant memory, as I have propelled forward to a place of clarity, excitement, and creativity equipped with tools and techniques and a deeper connection to myself and my vision.

    Eleni Livitsanos, San Francisco, CA
    Eleni Livitsanos, San Francisco, CA Shamanic Practitioner and Nonprofit Consultant
  • Despite a rudimentary understanding of animal communication, I was unable to proceed toward the depths I want to reach with animals. Nancy’s encompassing and shimmering energy have propelled me past my block and back on my path. The value of her wisdom and warmth are finally allowing me to embark on the journey with animals that I feel destined to enjoy. With her continued validation and support, my confidence is increasing and my animal friends and I are living in a state of shared celebration, as we move forward together.

    Cheryl Nason, Ontario, Canada
    Cheryl Nason, Ontario, Canada
  • Nancy’s Professional Certification Program has definitely changed my life! I went into it with the intention to work professionally, but never imagined I would come out the other end ready to go into my own business right away.

    The program was the foundation I needed to be confident and experienced enough to go out on my own. I’m now working full-time as an animal communicator in my own business. It’s not hard to say that without Nancy’s guidance and loving support through her certification program, I would not be in the position I find myself in today.

    Thank you, Nancy, for offering your many years’ worth of learning and experience in such a thorough and well put together certification program.

    George Wright, Wild Voices
    George Wright, Wild Voices Certified Animal Communicator - www.wildvoices.com.au
  • I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Nancy and to have completed her Professional Certification/Training Program. I was looking for a program that would support me in developing my animal communication skills on a deep level.

    What I received from this program was that and more. Through Nancy's guidance, my skill and confidence in my ability to communicate with other species increased each step of the way. Equally important to me was Nancy's ability to help me understand how this work is woven into who I am and how I want to bring this work out into the world. This program provided me with practical information as well as activities to help with integration. This program also offered many opportunities for me to practice my communication skills and receive valuable feedback from Nancy.

    When I experienced blocks or challenges, Nancy supported me in understanding how to move through them. In the process of developing and deepening my interspecies communication skills, I also developed a deeper understanding of myself.

    Completing this program has brought me to a new beginning in my life as I step into bringing this work out into the world.

    Kelly Sturtevant
    Kelly Sturtevant Certified Animal Communicator
  • Nancy's Professional Certification/Training Program is an in-depth program which encompasses the breadth and nuances which form the essentials for an animal communication practice. I found the use of digital tools along with the required practice, conversation and support to prove to be extremely effective. It was also great to feel part of a community, that our challenges are not unique, and to grow with the experience from others in the community.

    Among Nancy's gifts and skills are her ability to support individual students rather than simply prescribing solutions. It was great to be able to do the courses at my pace, emphasizing for myself the areas in which I was struggling the most, and learning tools which I continue to apply in my professional practice. I highly recommend Nancy as a teacher, mentor and facilitator. She is grounded, empathetic, walks the walk, and has a knack for adapting to support individuals on their unique journeys.

    Cheryl Nason
    Cheryl Nason Certified Animal Communicator
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