Animal Communication Classes

The Animal Communication Classes are offered online, as well as selected courses that are offered in-person. They provide the information and guidance for learning, developing, and honing your animal communication skills.

Classes range from Beginning through Professional Level. They also include options for private mentoring and support.

If you are just beginning your exploration of animal communication, start with the Animal Communication Toolkit and the Introduction to Animal Communication Class. Both are free, and are filled with tools and tips to start you on your journey with animal communication. Find them on the Free Resources and Media page.


Communication with all life is our birthright… and I’m delighted to be your guide in discovering and deepening your ability to communicate telepathically with animals.

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The Basics of Telepathic Animal Communication – Free Class

In this class, I share information, tools, and practices that can help you to begin to experience and explore the exciting world of interspecies telepathic communication.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • what telepathic animal communication is and how to recognize it
  • the basic principles and characteristics of telepathic communication with animals
  • what animal communication is NOT (important to know!)
  • how animal communication can help you and your animal friends
  • steps you can take right away to begin to open your connection and communication with animals
  • tools to help you quiet your mind and open your heart deep connection and communication with your animal friends.

Begin your journey with animal communication today!

 Introduction to Animal Communication Free Online Class

Introduction to Animal Communication –
Free Class

This is a free, information-filled class with tools and tips to start you on your journey with animal communication.

Animal Communication Retreat

November 12 – 15, 2020
Live Online Retreat

In this retreat, I’ll share proven tools, practices, and activities that will help you to discover your own natural ability to communicate with animals and all life. It will be a deep-dive immersion into animal and interspecies communication, and it is open to beginners as well as people who have had some experience with animal communication.

This retreat is designed to help you to discover and strengthen your inborn, natural ability to communicate directly with animals and all life through the universal language of telepathy.

*This is also a Level 1 class for the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.


Beginning Animal Communication

A comprehensive 6-week online class or self-paced open access class.

  • Open to anyone who is interested in learning Animal Communication
  • Scheduled 6-week online class is offered once a year, with online support + feedback and teleconference calls
  • Open-Access, self-paced option is available anytime

*This is also a Level 1 class for the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.


Animal Communication Practice Program

In this 8-week online program, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your animal communication skills with a new animal teacher each week.

The animal teachers and feedback from the teaching guides will be posted weekly on our easy-to-use, private class platform. You can participate according to your own schedule and time zone each week.

You’ll be guided in this program by expert teachers who know the journey and have the skills to help you develop and deepen your ability to communicate telepathically with animals.

This program is designed for people who have completed (at least) my Beginning Animal Communication Class, either online (scheduled or open-access)  or through a Zoom or in-person retreat/workshop.


Deepening Animal Communication Class

This class is designed for people who have completed my Beginning Animal Communication Class, either online or in-person, or the equivalent with another teacher, and wish to go deeper in their practice of animal communication.

Class options:

  • 6-week online class with teleconferences


*Required: Beginning Animal Communication or equivalent class

*Recommended: Animal Communication Practice Program

*This is also a Level 2 class for the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.


Ethics and Energetic Boundaries for Animal Communicators and Animal Energy Workers

A 4-week online course which includes live conference calls, on developing professional ethics and healthy energetic boundaries in animal communication, animal Reiki, and holistic animal energy work.

  • Open to any student or professional in Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, or other modalities of holistic animal energy work.
  • Online class format with teleconference calls

*This is also a Level 3 class for the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.


Advanced Topics in Animal Communication

A 12-week class that offers an in-depth exploration of the important topics required in practicing accurate, ethical and meaningful two-way interspecies communication.

This class is open to people who wish to practice animal communication professionally, and those who have an interest in the material and have completed the required prerequisites.

Required prerequisites:

1. Beginning Animal Communication Class
2. Deepening Animal Communication (Online or In-Person)
3. Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Class
4. Complete Application

*A Level 4 class for the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.

Case Study Mentoring Program

This program is for people who are in the Animal Communication Academy Professional Training Program.  This program may be taken at any time after the completion of Level 4 (Advanced Topics in Animal Communication).

The course must be completed (8 case studies prepared, 3 mentoring/review sessions scheduled and met, and 2 class calls attended) as a prerequisite for the Animal Communication Academy Professional Practitioner Training and Certification Course (Level 6).

Professional Practitioner Training and Certification

A Level 6 twelve-week training and certification program for those who are in the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program.

It is designed for people who wish to practice animal communication professionally, either as professional animal communicators, or in combination with other animal-related modalities (training, grooming, veterinary medicine, bodywork, animal Reiki, energy healing, etc.) It is also open to animal communicators who have completed the requirements for application who want to deepen their skills and awareness for their own personal growth and development.

Successful completion of this program will lead to a Professional Animal Communication Certificate from the Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy.


Professional Practitioner Mentoring Membership Program

This membership program is designed to offer you support and an ongoing professional community in your animal communication practice, as well as support and tools for your ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

As a member, you’ll receive mentoring and support from Nancy through the monthly calls, have the opportunity to network and connect with other animal communication practitioners, and have access to resources to support your professional practice and ongoing personal and spiritual growth (e.g.: tools, links, articles, suggested books and recordings, videos, etc.)

Prerequisites: Completion of the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program (through Level 6)

Teacher Training Program

The Professional Animal Communication Teacher Training Program is designed to give you the curriculum materials, tools, and experience to teach your own animal communication workshops in-person, as well as, to be an assistant online teacher in the Animal Communication Academy.

This program is open to people who have completed the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program, and who have been working as a professional animal communicator for a minimum of one year, or by invitation/application. 

Animal Communication Professional Certification Program

A comprehensive animal communication training program with optional professional certification for qualified applicants in the Animal Communication Academy.

Advanced Animal Communication Practitioner Mentoring Circle

A Level 7 monthly meeting program for those who are in the Animal Communication Professional Training Program, or people who are already practicing animal communication professionally.

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