Honoring Maraya

It’s been a sad time in our household. My beautiful, dear, and quirky cat friend, Maraya, died a couple of weeks ago, and the other animals and I are slowly adjusting to the Maraya-sized energetic hole in our household.

Maraya was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer close to the beginning of the COVID shutdown. She rallied for a little while, and we had a few months of up and down together, trying various palliative treatments with varying effects. In the end, she left quickly, and in her own time. We had an appointment with our vet for euthanasia, but Maraya left on her own, in our home, a few hours before.


I Failed as a Dog Groomer

The dogs and I had our first big adventure since New Mexico has eased slowly into the first stages of reopening: a visit to Taos to our wonderful dog groomer, one of the first businesses to be allowed to reopen with COVID-safe practices.

Let me just say that this was a big, big deal for us. I managed during the first part of the shutdown to keep the Afghans kind of decent looking with our little home salon set up, but after awhile, I have to tell the truth: I failed as a dog groomer.

Here is Tashi, sporting her finest “Quarantine Meets High Desert 3% Humidity” Hairdo (see pic above).

Coronavirus: Connection and Communication, Part 3


photo: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures

Three years ago, in early 2017, my whale teachers communicated to me:

“Three years. Three years of human time until there is a dramatic shift in the human world and on our Earth.”

When the whales shared this with me, I didn’t know what to make of it. I knew about the prophecies, I knew about the journey of evolution that the human species was making into a more heart-centered way of living and being, but I didn’t understand the timeline. And I certainly didn’t understand what, if anything, to do with the information that the whales gave me.


Coronavirus: Connection and Communication, Part 2

Last week, in Coronavirus: Connection and Communication, Part 1, I shared some of the understanding and communications I have received about the global coronavirus pandemic from the virus itself, as well as from my meditations in this time.

In this post, I’ll share some of the writings and communications of other people (human people, that is) whose work and depth of listening I deeply respect. Next week, in Part 3, I’ll share some additional communications from some of the non-human wise ones who have been offering their perspective both on the virus itself, and also what is unfolding on our planet for all species.


Coronavirus: Connection and Communication, Part 1

Image ©Shutterstock

In these last weeks, we as a human species have had our lives  and “business as usual” worlds dramatically altered by the corona virus, and the disease that it can cause in humans, COVID-19.

During this time, I have been listening deeply, moving back and forth between my human perspective and reality (When It’s All Too Much), and spending time daily in connection with the deep wisdom of both the novel coronavirus itself, and also the wisdom shared about this and other viruses by some of my closest teachers, guides, and friends of many species.

This post is the first in a series, in which I’ll share some of my communications, experiences, and understandings of the energy, awareness, gifts, and challenges of the corona virus, as well as the perspectives of others.


When It’s All Too Much

How are you doing right now?

This is HARD.

I hit a wall this past weekend. After these last weeks of adrenaline rush, paying attention to the ever-changing news, making sure I have enough food + supplies for the animals and myself, figuring out what I can offer in these times that will help people, paying attention to all of the other beautiful offerings by people all over the world, going back on social media after a long hiatus, listening to broadcasts and podcasts and reading newspapers, texts and emails, extra zoom calls and phone calls and and and…

I landed hard in overwhelm and overload.

Too much online. Too much talking. Too much news. Too much social media. Too much input.

Too much too much too much too much too much.


We Are Learning About Resilience and Adaptation

What a time this is. We are experiencing how fast things can change, how life can be upended in what feels like a single moment, how fast the world as we thought we knew it can fall away.

One turn of the kaleidoscope and everything looks and feels very different. We are learning about resilience and adaptation. We are learning about courage, and strength, and beauty, and kindness. We are seeing mirrored all around us the best expressions of our species: creativity, art, kindness, generosity, bravery, service, devotion to community… alongside some of our worst qualities: greed, selfishness, denial, shortsightedness, arrogance.

Global Reiki Circle

We are connected.

We are a global family.

A few weeks ago, my cat Louie, who has his paw on the planetary pulse more than anyone I know, “interrupted” my morning meditation. He came bopping up to me, in his characteristically Louie way, fixed his eyes on mine in a concentrated, intense stare, and communicated,

“It’s really, really tippy out there.”


Dark Matter: Women Witnessing Issue #10 – How Do We Know?

dark-matter-women-witnessingThe latest issue of Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, #10: How Do We Know? has just been published. Dark Matter publishes writing and artwork created in response to an age of massive species loss and ecological collapse. The journal is a home for dreams, visions, and communications with the nonhuman world, especially those that seek to heal our broken relationship to the earth.

My essay, Aspen Ways of Knowing, is included in this issue. In it, I share the teachings and wisdom given by the quaking aspen forest in the mountains near my home in northern New Mexico — as I call them, the Aspen People.

Tashi Loving Her “Throne”

tashi-joy-afghan-houndI have been sharing a lot about my Afghan hound, Surya lately (thanks for all of your kind and sympathetic responses to the destroyed dog bed photo!) 😋

So I thought I’d send a recent photo of Tashi Joy.

The weather has been warming up here in New Mexico, and Tashi loves nothing more than to sit on the patio on her “throne” (AKA her outdoor chair) and watch the goings-on in the arroyo (the Spanish word for gully, wash, ravine… it’s where the water flows when we get big rains). People walk with their dogs and ride their horses in the arroyo, and it’s also a superhighway for coyotes, rabbits, and other wildlife.

Tashi loved sitting in this position in her former body as Tara, and she has resumed her “throne sitting” in her current body and lifetime with me. Arroyo-watching is the equivalent of a big-screen thriller for a sighthound.


Whales in the Desert

This post is about the “miracles” that show up when we least expect them…and offer a whole new way of viewing the world and the “reality” that we share.

In the spring of 2019, I’d just returned from spending two weeks in Baja California, Mexico, where I’d led a women’s interspecies communication and meditation retreat. We’d spent time in deep practice and connection with the blue and gray whales and many other beings in the Sea of Cortez and San Ignacio Lagoon, on the Pacific coast. I’d been home in New Mexico for a few days, and was happy to return to my regular schedule and routines, including my swimming workouts at the local community college pool.

As I drove to the pool, still in some way immersed in the energy of the whales, and, truth be told, missing them deeply, I turned the corner, and this is what I saw: (more…)

To Make You Smile

afghan-hound-suryaIt’s the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere; all kinds of crazy and unbearable things are happening in our world… and so I thought that this week, I’d send you a couple of photos that might make you SMILE.

This is my Afghan hound Surya (the name Surya means Sun, and he certainly is one of the great lights and loves of my life). He makes me laugh many times every day. We’ve all had a bit of cabin fever lately… the other day, I heard a funny noise coming from the bedroom and this is what I found.


The 2019 Graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner BadgeI have some wonderful news to share with you this week: I am so pleased to announce the 2019 graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program!

Robin Jablonski

Sandy Zoumbaris

Sherry Lorenz Zwick

This is not an easy program, and I know that these people would be the first to tell you that. Each of them has invested a minimum of 2 years into this training. They have given great amounts of their time, energy, financial resources, hearts, and love to this work.


Solstice Blessings

winter-solsticeI love the time of the solstice – winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and summer solstice for our friends south of the equator. In the middle of the holiday season, the solstice gives us an opportunity to connect with the rhythm of the earth, the quiet, still depth of the winter season, and to experience the perfect balance between day and night, light and dark, sun and moon.

The winter solstice reminds me to take time to go deep, to become still and quiet, to allow myself time to complete what needs to be completed, release what needs to be released, and open my heart and entire being gently to the first glimmers of the light of new beginnings.


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