Fairy Tree: Making Space for the Nature Spirits

Fairies…elementals…sprites…elves….gnomes…nature spirits…stories of these beings are found in almost all human cultures.

Though known by different names, and comprising many different “groups” or expressions of energy and consciousness, these beings have been understood to be an integral part of consciousness and life on Earth by human cultures and peoples for eons.


The Most Important Practice for Communication with Animals

butterflyIn this post, I want to share with you the one simple practice that is the foundation of everything that I teach in interspecies communication.

It’s a practice that we return to again and again in every class, every training program, and as a fundamental way of being in everyday life for people who want to regain their ability to communicate freely, openly, and clearly with animals and all beings.


Introducing My New Animal Friends!

bantam-chickSometimes, blessings come all in a package, in a great, overwhelming cascade of joy! That’s what happened in my family last week.

Last Tuesday, I welcomed 10 1-day old bantam chicks into my animal family, including a “returnee”: Callie, who died in June, returned in this batch of chicks… and she requested to keep her same name. She’s the same breed as her previous body, and I recognized her right away. It’s such a joy to have her beautiful, sweet energy back in our physical world and in our family.

Then, two days later, I adopted precious, beautiful Marigold, a young calico cat. I’ve been waiting for her for a long time, and I’ll share more of her story as time goes on.


Physical Tools to Quiet the Mind

relaxOne of the things I often hear from people who are learning to reclaim their natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals is,

“I can’t quiet the chatter in my mind.”

It’s important to learn how to quiet our minds when opening to communicating with animals, so that we can learn the difference between our own human mental processes and thinking and direct, authentic communication from and with the animals.


The Hawk’s Eye: Equine-imity

In the occasional Hawk’s Eye posts, I share resources that I think will be interesting and helpful for my readers. In this post I’m delighted to feature a new book by Beverley Kane, MD:

Equine-imity: Stress Reduction and Emotional Self-Regulation in the Company of Horses

I’ve just finished reading this beautiful book, and wanted to share it with you. It’s moving, easy to read, full of practical and interesting practices and information, written with a light touch and humor about the ways in which horses can teach us to be more resilient, responsive, embodied, and awake.


The Science of Intuitive Interspecies Communication

cat-and-womanIt’s an exciting time to be working in the field of Intuitive Interspecies Communication.

Fifteen years ago, when I first entered this field professionally, it was still considered “fringe”, a little “woo-woo”, and something that was interesting, but for the most part, definitely not worthy of serious scientific and academic study.

Coming from a background in both the arts and academia, I knew that bridging the divide between the academic, scientific, and intellectual worlds and the intuitive, telepathic, and spiritual worlds would not be easy.

What I did not know was how much of this gap would be bridged within my lifetime.


Films for Interspecies Communicators and Sensitive Souls

Like all of us these days, I’ve been watching more films online than I did pre-pandemic. As an empath and sensitive person, I often have a hard time finding films that I enjoy and that truly speak to my soul. I can’t tolerate and don’t enjoy loud, violent, or frightening films…even ones that many other people find enjoyable and interesting.

So when I find films that are beautiful, gentle, heartful, and also promote a deep awareness and understanding of animals, the Earth, and spiritual awareness, I get excited. Here are few of my favorites…I may add to this list as time goes on!


How Do Animals Understand Time?

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “Do animals understand time?” And, if so, how?

In my years as an animal communicator, I have learned that many animals do have a sense and an understanding of time, but it’s often different from our human understanding and awareness.


How I Keep My Focus on Joy, Connection, and the Matters of Daily Life


riverWhat a time this is. Like many of you who I’ve been hearing from, I am affected emotionally, physically, and energetically by all that is happening in my country and in our world.

Sometimes, it’s just plain exhausting. Overwhelming. Worrying. Frightening. Upsetting. Angering. Heartbreaking.

We know that we’re in a great time of transition, of birthing a new way of being, living, and loving in our world that is long overdue. And, it’s grueling. Let’s just be honest about that.

When I feel myself losing my center, my “hawk’s eye vision,” my grounding and anchoring, I know I need to spend some extended time outdoors, in places with strong, supportive, nourishing energy. One of my favorite places is at the Rio Grande River not far from my home, in a beautiful canyon filled with ancient sites, petroglyphs, and peace.


The 2020 Graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner BadgeI have some wonderful news to share with you this week: I am so pleased to announce the 2020 graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program!

This is not an easy program, and I know that these people would be the first to tell you that. Each of them has invested a minimum of 2 years into this training. They have given great amounts of their time, energy, financial resources, hearts, and love to this work.


Reiki for Ourselves, Our Animals, and Our World

reiki-preceptsI’ll say it plainly: I don’t know how I would have made it through 2020 without Reiki.

And, though we celebrate the beginning of a new year with new intentions, fresh energy, a sense of possibility, evolution, and transmutation, let’s be clear:  we are in an immensely challenging time.

Reiki is an energetic and spiritual tool that I use every single day for myself, for my animal family, with my animal and human clients; and in my prayers and intentions for our world.

I often say that I think that Reiki should be something that belongs in everyone’s “life-kit”, along with first aid supplies, jumper cables, and for some of us, chocolate. 🙂


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