The Animal Communication Professional Certification Program

A comprehensive professional training program for people who want to use telepathic animal communication to serve animals and their human companions.

Certified Animal Communication Practitioner Badge


Beginning Animal Communication

Develop Your Ability to Communicate Telepathically with Animals
6-Week Online Class OR Open Access Self-Paced Class

  • Receive reliable, proven tools for telepathic communication that you can use with all species.
  • Develop an understanding of your own process for sending and receiving telepathic communication.
  • Learn with high quality course materials in a variety of formats that you can use over and over to deepen your connection with animals and all of life.
Prerequisites: Love of animals and an open heart



Animal Communication Retreat

November 12 – 15, 2020
Live Online Retreat

*This retreat qualifies as a Level 1 class.

In this retreat, I’ll share proven tools, practices, and activities that will help you to discover your own natural ability to communicate with animals and all life. It will be a deep-dive immersion into animal and interspecies communication, and it is open to beginners as well as people who have had some experience with animal communication.

This retreat is designed to help you to discover and strengthen your inborn, natural ability to communicate directly with animals and all life through the universal language of telepathy.


Deepening Animal Communication

Expand and Deepen Your Ability to Communicate with Animals

6-Week Online Class

  • In-depth practice with a variety of animal teachers
  • Support for your learning and practice through teleconference calls
  • Expert guidance in receiving accurate, consistent communication
  • Tools to work through blocks and challenges
  • Exercises to expand your perception of what is possible with telepathic communication
  • Opportunities to open new doors to the magic of intuitive connection with all life, including plants, minerals, nature spirits, elemental beings and devas
Prerequisites: Beginning Animal Communication Class


Ethics and Energetic Boundaries

For Animal Communicators and Animal Energy Workers
4-Week Online Class

  • Ethical considerations of privacy, permission, and confidentiality in working with animals and their people
  • Responsibilities to the animals, the humans, and ourselves as practitioners
  • Care for ourselves, maintaining healthy boundaries, and avoiding the fatigue and burnout that is common in our field
Prerequisites: Beginning Animal Communication class, Animal Reiki class, or by permission


Advanced Topics in Animal Communication

This program will offer an in-depth exploration of important topics in practicing accurate, ethical and meaningful two-way interspecies communication.
12-Week Online Class

  • The Foundation of Professional Intuitive and Telepathic Work
  • Communication, Translation and Counseling Skills
  • Behavior, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Working with Families and Relationships
  • Working with Physical + Energy Bodies, Illness and Treatment
  • Challenges and Deeper Issues


  1. Beginning Animal Communication Online or Open Access Class
  2. Deepening Animal Communication (Online or In-Person)
  3. Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Online Class
  4. Complete Application

Case Study Mentoring Program

Independent Study Program

This program may be taken at any time after the completion of Level 4 (Advanced Topics in Animal Communication).

The course must be completed (8 case studies prepared, 3 mentoring/review sessions scheduled and met, and 2 class calls attended) as a prerequisite for the Animal Communication Academy Professional Practitioner Training and Certification Course (Level 6).

This program is by application/invitation. If you have taken the prerequisite classes with another teacher, or are already practicing professionally and would like to be in this program, please contact me.


  1. Beginning Animal Communication Online or Open Access Class
  2. Deepening Animal Communication (Online or In-Person)
  3. Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Online Class
  4. Advanced Topics in Animal Communication Class
  5. Recommendation/Invitation of Instructor

Professional Practitioner Training and Certification

12-week Online Class

This class is for people who wish to practice animal communication professionally, either as professional animal communicators, or in combination with other animal-related modalities (training, grooming, veterinary medicine, bodywork, animal Reiki, energy healing, etc.) It is also open to animal communicators who have completed the requirements for application who want to deepen their skills and awareness for their own personal growth and development.

Successful completion of this program will lead to a Professional Animal Communication Certificate from the Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy.


  1. Beginning Animal Communication Online or Open Access Class
  2. Deepening Animal Communication (Online or In-Person)
  3. Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Online Class
  4. Advanced Topics in Animal Communication
  5. Case Study Mentoring and Practicum
  6. Recommendation/Invitation of Instructor and Application

This program is by invitation or application.


Professional Practitioner Mentoring Membership Program

This membership program is designed to offer you support and an ongoing professional community in your animal communication practice, as well as support and tools for your ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

As a member, you’ll receive mentoring and support from Nancy through the monthly calls, have the opportunity to network and connect with other animal communication practitioners, and have access to resources to support your professional practice and ongoing personal and spiritual growth (e.g.: tools, links, articles, suggested books and recordings, videos, etc.)

Prerequisites: Completion of the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program (through Level 6)

Teacher Training Program

The Professional Animal Communication Teacher Training Program is designed to give you the curriculum materials, tools, and experience to teach your own animal communication workshops in-person, as well as, to be an assistant online teacher in the Animal Communication Academy.

This program is open to people who have completed the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program, and who have been working as a professional animal communicator for a minimum of one year, or by invitation/application.


  1. Completion of Professional Practitioner Training and Certification Program
  2. Professional practice as an animal communicator for a minimum of 1 year

This program is by invitation or application.

*Professional animal communicators who have completed professional training with another teacher that covers equivalent material as the Professional Certification Program may apply to be considered for inclusion in this program.


What is the tuition/cost for the entire program?

Currently, each class is priced separately, because not everyone starts the program with Nancy. Some have taken beginning and/or prerequisite classes with other teachers. In addition, offering the classes separately will allow you to take the classes at your own pace and/or enter the program at various times.

What does certification mean?

Certification through this program indicates that people have achieved and demonstrated a basic foundational competency in telepathic communication with animals, animal-human consultations, and professional ethics.

All animal communicators certified through this program must agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators by Penelope Smith, and the Ethical Agreements for Animal Communication Practice by Nancy Windheart.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is designed so that people can progress through it at their own pace. If the courses are taken sequentially, the program will take approximately two years to complete.

Levels 1-3 of the program are open enrollment–students can take these courses whenever they feel ready and have completed the required prerequisites. Levels 4-7 of the program require application and acceptance after a review and assessment of students’ skills and aptitude.

Some students will take more than two years to move through the program, depending on their development and life path.

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