Free Animal Communication Classes and Resources

Introduction to Animal Communication Class - Free

Miniature dachshund and womanIntroduction to Animal Communication is a free 60-minute class, recorded in 2014, on the essential basics you need to know about telepathic animal communication. This fun, information-filled class will give you tools and tips to start you on your journey with animal communication.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • what telepathic animal communication is (and is not!)
  • how telepathy works
  • how telepathic animal communication can be helpful
  • how YOU can begin to learn to use this inborn, natural ability to communicate with your animal friends

I’m excited to share this class with you!

Animal Communication Tools for Shelter and Rescue Workers-Free

animal communicationThis free 60-minute class was originally presented on July 21, 2010 as a program of the Animal Communicator Forum. In it, I give an introduction to basic animal communication tools that can be used by people who work with sheltered and rescued animals, including:

  • staying present in crisis situations
  • sending telepathic communication to animals clearly
  • basic healing techniques for working with physical and emotional trauma
  • helping animals to attract the kind of people and homes they desire
  • available resources for people who wish to further their animal communication training

This class is intended to be a free resource for anyone who can use it. Please feel free to share this link!

Free Full Moon Meditation: Prayers with the World

full-moon-meditationThis free full moon meditation with Nancy Windheart and Anne Dellenbaugh was recorded on the Full Moon, November 25, 2015.

Drawing from practices from ancient spiritual traditions, as well as those offered by some of the great master animal teachers of our planet, the whales, dolphins, and the elephants, we co-create a sacred circle, a container, for opening our hearts in challenging times, holding other beings and the Earth herself in our field of compassion and awareness, and and exploring ways of being in ourselves and in our world which create more peace, more balance,  more harmony, more presence, more open-heartedness, and more love.

Read more about the inspiration for this call here: Full Moon Meditation: Prayers with the World

Audio Resources:

Q&A Show with Sandy Moss, Radio Interview on Animal Communication, January 2014

nancyleahcropIn this interview, I talk with Sandy about telepathic communication, working with animals in the spirit world, the perspectives of wild animals, and how telepathic communication can help animals and people to improve their relationships and create more harmony in our families and our world. (Interview starts at 6 minutes; you can scroll past the ads…it’s commercial radio!)

Ten Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals: Energy Healers Conference Class

nancy-dogIn this free online animal communication class, I offer ten tools for telepathic communication with animals that can help you to improve your relationship with your animal friends. This class was presented as part of the online 2012 Energy Healers Conference. Listen to the class here:

Interview on KQNA’s “The Pet Corner Show” with Dusty Spitler

pinkflowerThis interview was recorded in January 2012. It’s about 27 minutes long and includes a discussion of telepathic animal communicationReiki, and intuitive ethics.

Video Resources:

“The Morning Scramble Show” with Sandy Moss, AZTV, 2014

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