Ethics and Energetic Boundaries

for Animal Communicators and Animal Energy Workers

Level 3 of the Animal Communication Professional Training Program

It is also OPEN to any student or professional in Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, or other modalities of holistic animal energy work.

January 17 – February 12, 2022


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As animal communicators and animal energy workers, we are in a unique position of working with both animals and their human guardians to facilitate understanding, harmony, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

What are the unique ethical considerations that we need to understand in our work with animals and their people?

What are our responsibilities to the animals, the humans, and ourselves?

How do we care for ourselves and maintain healthy boundaries, and avoid the fatigue and burnout that is common in our fields?

Energetic Boundaries

As an animal communicator or animal energy worker, do you:

  • Struggle with handling people and their energy?
  • Wish you could deal with just the animals and not the people?
  • Wonder about the ethics and nuances of asking for and receiving permission from humans to work with animals?
  • Deal with burnout, fatigue, and “negative” or “dark” energies?
  • Struggle with receiving “too much information” in public, at home, or during sleep?
  • Feel overwhelmed by feeling the suffering of others?
  • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed when you can’t solve problems or change situations for animals or their people?

In this class, we’ll explore:

  • Ethics and integrity: How do we develop our internal code of ethics, and what are the standards in our fields?
  • Permission and confidentiality: When, how, and why is this important?
  • Responsibility: What is our responsibility to our clients, the animals, and ourselves? Which responsibility takes precedence in areas of potential conflict?
  • Energetic boundaries and healthy energetic hygiene: What are healthy energetic boundaries, and how do we maintain them?
  • Practitioner fatigue and burnout: How do we practice self-care, avoid “compassion fatigue,” and stay clear and healthy in our practice
  • The ethics of mediumship, medical/veterinary intuition, and prediction: What are our responsibilities?
  • Business, promotion, and scope of practice: What do we do and how do we do it? How do we communicate about our work to others?
  • Working with other professionals: How do our ethics play out in our work with other practitioners and colleagues?

What Does This Class Include?

  • Class materials that are available permanently online, and may also be downloaded
  • Private, confidential online class community for discussion and interaction with other students and the instructor
  • In-depth discussion of example cases
  • Support for practitioners to examine and develop their own internal and professional codes of ethics
  • Two live teleconference calls. All calls are recorded.

Dates of live class calls:

All calls are on Tuesdays at 6:00pm – 7:30pm (Mountain Time) below:

January 25

February 8

To check the start time of the calls in your time zone, click here for Time Zone Converter.

What People Say About this Class…

“I enjoyed so much. I enjoyed the topic. I enjoyed the sharing and posts of other participants. I love the comments made to each of us by Nancy. I loved the phone calls and interaction. I loved the meditations and other information that was posted on the group. I don’t know what I loved most. That would be like answering the question what is your favorite color. Sure I have one or more that I like but I love them all for different reasons. How do you pick a favorite?”  – Janet Dobbs

“The participants of this class came from so many different backgrounds and experience levels, but everyone jumped into the deep end with both feet! It made for really great discussion and instant camaraderie.”  – Lisa Pittman

“The course is very well structured and I truly liked the exercises and that so much material is being presented openly. I liked to hear about Nancy’s background, the list of books and websites that have been suggested for further study. Now I can go deeper on my path.”  – Corinne

“The Boundaries and Ethics class more than met my expectations! All the information that was covered was very helpful regarding my animal communication business. The reminders to respect the boundaries of animals and humans, and the weekly discussions on how to deal with a variety of potentially delicate situations was extremely beneficial. It was nice to have live teleclasses and online chats to hear from others in the class. The surprising extra benefit was that the information was equally enlightening and useful in my personal life. This class has greatly assisted me in clarifying healthy boundaries, and has given me tools to handle situations with integrity not only in my business but in my overall life as well. Nancy’s heart-centered guidance and her calm ‘way of being’ was wonderful. She was very professional, clear, informative and supportive of each one of us in the class, with our varying levels of experience. Thank you tremendously!”  – Jai Jamison

Frequently Asked Questions

No special technical skills are required! All you need is a computer or mobile device with Internet access, an email address, and a telephone for the live calls.

The Ruzuku platform is designed to be easy to use, even for novice online learners.

The Ruzuku support staff is excellent and consistently available.


Yes! This class is designed so that people from all parts of the world and all kinds of schedules are able to participate. All of the calls are recorded, so that you can listen to them at any time. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback online, so even if you miss the calls, you won’t miss content.

The class materials will be available indefinitely on the Ruzuku platform.

Ruzuku Course Platform

This course is taught on the Ruzuku platform.

I love this platform, both as an instructor and as a student. It has everything you want in an online class format:

  • easy-to-use class navigation
  • feeling of accomplishment as you complete the steps of the course
  • private online community where you can interact with other students and the course teacher
  • easy-to-use format that makes accessing course materials easy and fun
  • fabulous support from the Ruzuku team for any technical questions

The Ruzuku platform holds all of the class materials–handouts, recordings, videos–so that they are always accessible online from wherever you are, using your computer or mobile device.

The feedback from students about the Ruzuku platform has been fantastic. You’ll love it!

The Ruzuku platform was so easy to use–even on my Kindle!
– Amy B, FL


Ethics and Energetic Boundaries

for Animal Communicators and Animal Energy Workers

January 17 – February 12, 2022

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