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Professional Practitioner Mentoring
Membership Program 2020

Join Nancy Windheart for a program designed specifically to support

professional animal communication practitioners!


nancy-windheart-animal-communicationAn Invitation from Nancy: Often, those of us who practice interspecies communication professionally find that we are working as solo/independent practitioners, outside a professional community of colleagues. Most of us value our independence, and yet, we can miss having the connection and support of others who understand and share this path.

I created this program to support the graduates of my Animal Communication Professional Certification Program, as well as other advanced and professional animal communicators who are practicing in the field. I envision this community as a place of support,  resources, inspiration, and connection.

I would love to have you join us!

Nancy Windheart

Who is this program for?

This mentoring membership program is for people who are practicing animal communication at an advanced level or professionally, and who wish to receive mentoring and ongoing support in a community of other practitioners.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program (through Level 6)

This program is by application/invitation. If you have the equivalent of the Animal Communication Certification Program with another teacher, or are already practicing professionally and would like to be in this program, please contact me. Please include your background information in your email.

What are the membership benefits?

This membership program is designed to offer you support and an ongoing professional community in your animal communication practice, as well as support and tools for your ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

As a member, you’ll receive mentoring and support from Nancy through the monthly calls, have the opportunity to network and connect with other animal communication practitioners, and have access to resources to support your professional practice and ongoing personal and spiritual growth (e.g.: tools, links, articles, suggested books and recordings, videos, etc.)

What does this membership include?

  • Ten 90-minute monthly mentoring calls + mp3 recordings (no calls in July and December 2020)
  • A private online discussion community on the Ruzuku class platform
  • Suggested resources and tools for supporting your animal communication practice
  • Discount on optional private mentoring sessions (additional fee)

Conference calls include:

  • Meditation and breathing practices for quieting the mind, centering, and connecting with the circle (also helpful in preparing for consultations)
  • Q/A, discussion of special topics and areas of concern for practitioners in the group

In addition, some calls may include direct communication and interaction with animal and other non-human teachers/guides. Calls will be designed according to the needs and requests of the participants in the program.


Dates of Conference Calls:

All calls are on Tuesdays: 6:00pm – 7:30pm (US Mountain Time).

Jan 28

Feb 25

March 24

April 21

May 19

June 16

August 25

Sept 22 


Nov 17

Calls are through a US-based teleconference line; all you need is a phone line to participate. Your regular long-distance fees, if any, will apply. Some international access numbers are available.

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