The 2019 Graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program

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Certified Animal Communication Practitioner BadgeI have some wonderful news to share with you this week: I am so pleased to announce the 2019 graduates of the Professional Animal Communication Certification Program!

Robin Jablonski

Sandy Zoumbaris

Sherry Lorenz Zwick

This is not an easy program, and I know that these people would be the first to tell you that. Each of them has invested a minimum of 2 years into this training. They have given great amounts of their time, energy, financial resources, hearts, and love to this work.

Each of them has trained in receiving telepathic communication with animals clearly, accurately, and reliably. They have also done extensive training in ethics, client relationships, and interspecies family counseling. They are exceptional human beings and interspecies communicators who have gone through this training and are ready to offer their unique expression of this work into the world.

I love these women. I have confidence in their abilities, their integrity, and their excellent hearts. Each brings her unique and individual background, personality, and expertise to this work. They each have additional training and experience in other modalities and areas of practice, including Reiki, shamanic healing, counseling, flower essences, animal behavior, and animal rescue and rehabilitation. Each of them has also done deep personal work, spiritual practice, many animal communication case studies and in-depth mentoring with me.

The training program certification is a statement that the practitioners have not only completed the required intensive training courses, but they have the basic skills and competence to enter the field as professional animal communicators, in whatever way is the best fit for them.

Although the certification program is a beginning, much like a college degree or professional training in another field, it is also a completion… a completion of a huge piece of deep work that has allowed these people to be in a place to confidently offer their skills and their services to the world.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming them to the field!

Their information will be added to the Professional Certified Animal Communication Practitioners page on my website soon.

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