Saved by Whales

The latest issue of the online journal, Dark Matter: Women Witnessing is titled “Making Kin”, and includes my essay “Saved by Whales” about my journey with non-human [...]

Save the Humans: The Whales of Baja

Journey to Baja I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico in February with Acupuncturists Without Borders, on a journey that combined acupuncture community service [...]

Sing the New Song

All photos unless otherwise noted: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures No Words Since I’ve been home from the journey with the Atlantic Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, I have been [...]

Opening to the Heart of the Universe

Photo: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures  This week, I’ll be traveling to the Silver Bank, off the coast of the Dominican Republic, to join a wonderful group of colleagues and friends and [...]

Spiritual Life in a Physical Body

Photo: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures  I asked the Atlantic Humpback Whales for a communication for the collective for the upcoming year. A young baby humpback came in to give her [...]

Orca Whales

Orca Whale Communication 9-22-12 When I connected with the orcas and asked them what they wanted to communicate to me and to other people, I was taken to a large pod and “introduced” [...]

Bowhead Whales On Love

Bowhead Whale Communication I communicated with the Bowhead Whales in May, 2012. They shared deep wisdom about their mission here on earth and their understanding of love. As I connected with the [...]

Irrawaddy Dolphin Communication

This month’s cetacean communication shares the joy and play and FUN of the Irrawaddy Dolphins. I didn’t know much about the Irrawaddy Dolphins, closely related to the Orcas, before I was asked to [...]

Vaquita Porpoise Communication

In working with the Vaquitas (who are now officially listed at the most endangered cetacean species in the world–estimated at between 150-300 individuals *1/2017: the population is now [...]

Amazon River Dolphins

I communicated with the Amazon River (Pink) Dolphins about their situation as an endangered species. This communication was done on January 12, 2012. “We have always been inter-dimensional [...]

Dolphin Reality

Photo courtesy of Dolphin Expeditions Part of a larger article on “Handling Disasters,” published in Summer, 2010 issue of Species Link Journal Shortly after the initial reports of the oil spill [...]

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