I Failed as a Dog Groomer

The dogs and I had our first big adventure since New Mexico has eased slowly into the first stages of reopening: a visit to Taos to our wonderful dog groomer, one of the first businesses to be [...]

Tashi Loving Her “Throne”

I have been sharing a lot about my Afghan hound, Surya lately (thanks for all of your kind and sympathetic responses to the destroyed dog bed photo!) 😋 So I thought I’d send a recent photo [...]

To Make You Smile

It’s the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere; all kinds of crazy and unbearable things are happening in our world… and so I thought that this week, I’d send you a [...]

Dog Training and Behavior Resources

Many of you know that I have a puppy in my house, my Afghan hound love, Tashi Joy, who is now almost 8 months old. (Where did THAT time go??) (For more on Tashi’s story, you can read the [...]

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