Life Practice: Becoming Embodied

I have a small note above my desk that is titled: “Non-Negotiable Necessities.” These are the things in my life that I truly can’t live without. They comprise the foundation of [...]

The Hawk’s Eye: Bringing Yoga to Life

I first became interested in Donna Farhi’s yoga teaching and writing when I learned that she is an avid horsewoman, based in New Zealand. I thought, “Ah, Yoga + Horses, now THAT is my cup of [...]

The Hawk’s Eye: Relaxation

I’m an avid reader and listener, and very often my clients will ask me for recommendations. I love scoping things out (kind of like a hawk) and sharing them with others. As a book reviewer [...]

Love Is Everything

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love. It really is all about love. I recently returned from a five-day retreat in Tucson with my yoga teacher, Rama Jyoti Vernon. It was a beautiful time of diving [...]

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