Amazon River Dolphins

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pink-dolphinsI communicated with the Amazon River (Pink) Dolphins about their situation as an endangered species. This communication was done on January 12, 2012.

“We have always been inter-dimensional beings, with full awareness of our lives and consciousness in many places, both physical and non-physical, and in many places on this planet and others. We travel effortlessly between dimensions and between different worlds and realities. This is not hard for us; it is who we are, what we do, how we live. In this particular version of our physical expression, we are dolphins with pink skin. In our other homes and the other dimensions where our consciousness resides, we have other appearances—or sometimes no appearance at all.

The reason we share this with you is important: you must understand that this physical reality is but one small slice of our lives, our existence, our reality, our community, our consciousness. This small slice is being threatened, yes, and there is a potential that our bodies will stop being able to function in this small slice, and we will “disappear”—what you call “extinction”. This is a potential, not a prediction—the outcome has not been decided. This is something that is under “discussion” between us, our fellow cetaceans, and also many other beings in our Universe—and much depends on the direction that the evolution of Planet Earth takes. Very recently, the potential has become more positive for our possibility of staying…but we have also completed a large part of our mission in this dimension, and so the outcome is yet to be determined.

We have shared our experiences and perceptions of multi-dimensional, multi-universal living with those humans who have listened to us and taken us into their hearts and lives. One of the reasons we are here on this planet is to teach humans about this kind of life, this kind of travel, this kind of experience.

There are many humans who are awakening to this possibility, and are learning to travel with us and our other brothers and sisters who have also chosen to have physical lives on this planet.

This is one of the many things that we came here to teach. We live simultaneously in all dimensions. We have physical lives in many places, both here on this earth, inside the earth, and on other planets and other civilizations beyond this earth. We also have non-physical lives in many dimensions, many areas, many universes.

If we do leave this physical expression of our consciousness, it will be by choice. Do not consider us to be victims. Yes, there are changes and challenges in our environment and habitat that have made our physical lives challenging. We knew this when we chose to take physical form on this planet. But this is only one small piece of who we are and how we live.

We came here to teach, and we will continue to teach all who will open their hearts to us. The time has come. Travel with us, play with us, open your hearts and your lives to our joy, our love, our sense of adventure, and our ability to take our bodies and awareness to many places at the same time. If you wish to do this with us, it is quite simple. Intend to experience it, and ask for our help.

We give you bubbles of pure joy, pure light, pure bliss. Travel with us! Experience all that the universe has to offer. For when you open yourselves to living in this way—expansive, free, and unlimited—the earth that you create for yourselves and your children—and possibly, us—will be a place of unlimited beauty and joy. It’s so simple—do this through your intention, the purity of your heart, and your willingness to love.”

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