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Bowhead Whale Communication

I communicated with the Bowhead Whales in May, 2012. They shared deep wisdom about their mission here on earth and their understanding of love.

As I connected with the Bowhead whales, an elder female whale came to speak to me. I asked her what she had to share with us, with all humans, at this time.

We are a powerful and ancient species. Some of our family members, including me, are much older than any humans realize, well over 100 years in your human time, some much older…we have been embodied through many, many generations of your world. There are some of us who stay close to the ocean floor for much of our lives. These are the elders…the great healers…the ones who balance and care for this planet. They may be centuries old in human time.

Our species (bowheads/Arctic) has a particular mission here at this time. We are connected with all of our brother and sister cetaceans around the world. Our group has agreed to the task of keeping the planet in balance through our position at the top of the earth—(what you know as the North Pole and Arctic regions).

Our travels through the arctic waters, our songs, the vibrations of our bodies, the our prayers and spiritual lives, keep this area in balance and keep the energy here flowing and healthy. [She shows me a picture of keeping the Earth’s axis balanced—as if it keeps the axis from tipping too much, and also balancing the magnetics of the pole and the ley lines of the earth].

If you could give advice that was to be taken to heart by each human being – what would that be?

You must love yourselves, find the love that is already present within your being. You cannot truly love the earth, or us, or any creatures on the earth, or any being at all, without experiencing this love within and for yourselves. This is the biggest challenge that humans have. All of the problems that humans create have this lack of love as their foundation. We understand this completely, and this is one of the greatest things we have volunteered to teach you.

We continue to stay on this earth, and to do our balancing work here and throughout the galaxies, with this teaching of expanding love as our mission. We hold you in great tenderness and love as your species learns to take in this great truth. This is the next stage of your evolution.

Feel our gentleness, our benevolence, our kindness. We are the great heart of love. We unite with all beings of the earth in expressing this great outpouring of love. If humans can feel this love, and learn to take it in, know that they themselves embody this love, filling themselves and all around them with the expansiveness that we radiate out from the core of our being, then the entire earth will be covered in these healing rays of light.

This is the new world that we are all birthing together.

It is not a matter of finding, or learning, or seeking, or creating this love. You simply open to the love that you already are. The love is here, filling you, surrounding you, being you, breathing you. It is like the air and the water that we take in through our bodies. All you need to do is to let go of the barriers that prevent you from experiencing it fully. It is simply a shedding of those things that are false, that do not serve, that are not real, that are NOT LOVE.

Love is not what you sometimes think it is. Love is breath. Love is life. Love surrounds us. It is our water, our air. We breathe in, we fill ourselves with love. We breathe out, we fill all that is around us with love. It is very, very simple.

With our great bodies and great hearts at the top of the earth, we invite you to link up with this love. Breathe it in, hold it, feel it. This is the love that you are, that we are, that we all are together. We are one breath, one life.

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