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ravenI’ve talked with thousands of people over the years about telepathic animal communication and what is possible.

I consistently repeat the mantra,

Telepathic communication is not a special gift reserved for a very few. It is our natural birthright as living beings in the cosmos…it’s a universal language that all beings share and and that humans can access.

And yet, I’ve also learned in my years of teaching telepathic communication with animals that people have some common questions and fears about reawakening their own telepathic abilities and hearing their animal friends.

Common Fears about Telepathic Animal Communication

1. What if I can’t get it?

This happens with many people so often…our human desire to be “good students”, to “get it”, to “do it right” can interfere with the open, childlike curiosity and wonder that allows us to connect freely and easily with other beings.

As a former professor and classroom teacher, I know all too well how our traditional educational systems interfere with our natural curiosity and willingness to explore, take risks, and open to other ways of being and perceiving.

Overcoming this challenge requires kindness and compassion to ourselves, and a willingness to allow ourselves to play, “make mistakes,” and discover in fresh, new ways.

2. What if an animal tells me something I don’t want to hear or can’t handle?

This question often comes from a place of vulnerability, and concern about animals in our own lives…or from a fear of not being able to handle or be present with the real or perceived suffering of an animal. It can block our willingness to receive accurate telepathic communication, and it can prevent our hearts from fully opening to and accepting another being and being a compassionate witness to her experience.

We develop the capacity and the courage to listen with open hearts to others, including staying present with any discomfort or suffering that they may express, by first developing the capacity to stay present with and hold in loving kindness the places of discomfort and suffering in ourselves.

In our culture, we learn to minimize, suppress, run away from, and abandon these places in ourselves. When we learn to stay present with and remain awake to ourselves and our own experiences, we can remain present and awake to the experiences and perspectives of others.

3. My mind is too busy and I can’t meditate. How can I hear the animals?

Although I teach yoga and meditation and find meditative practices to be essential in my own life and practice, as well as extremely helpful in becoming fluent in telepathic communication, it’s important to remember that being an experienced meditator is NOT required to communicate telepathically with animals.

What is required is a willingness to learn to differentiate between our own thoughts and that of another, and to learn to recognize when our chattering minds are active and simply learn to step aside for awhile as we listen to the deeper communication and connection behind the incessant thinking of the over-active human mind.

We don’t shut down our chattering minds and thoughts–we can’t, actually–but in learning to make the busy thinking conscious rather than unconscious, we learn to work with it in ways that allow us to receive telepathically in spite of our running thoughts.

4. What if other people think I’m crazy?

This is big one…although telepathic communication is becoming much more recognized and mainstream, our cultural indoctrination to only trust a limited slice of what’s available to us as real is strong.

Stepping into our intuitive abilities and reclaiming our birthright is an act of power…of reclaiming the wholeness of our being...of integrating back into ourselves and our species all that we’ve cut off, discounted, abandoned, and buried.

Telepathic Animal Communication is a Spiritual Practice

I’ve learned from my students and clients that these questions and fears run deep. When we open ourselves to the possibility of connecting deeply with our animal and plant friends and all life, our fundamental disconnection as a human species from the web of life begins to be unmasked.

This uncovering and unmasking can be painful…excruciating, really. We start to feel and understand how much we’ve been living as “heads on a stick,” disconnection from our bodies, our intuitive ways of knowing, our spiritual life-force.

In my animal communication classes, I help people to work with these questions, challenges, and fears in ways that are positive, life-affirming, and kind. These questions and fears have deep wisdom to share with us, if we are willing to listen.

There comes a point for many people of coming to a crossroads and making a spiritual choice in their lives…a choice between disconnection and union. When we say “yes” to connection and communion with all life, our habitual ways of thinking and feeling as disembodied humans will be threatened: our over-reliance on our thoughts and intellects rather than trusting our bodies and intuitive knowing; our human-centric, human-dominant view of the world that equates power with superiority, and our deep fears of facing our own animal natures, the truth of our own bodies, our disconnection and separation from ourselves, other species, and our planet.

This is why telepathic communication with animals and all life is a spiritual path. When we open ourselves to this process, we open ourselves to truly seeing and feeling all of the ways that we’ve maintained our separateness…from life, from Spirit, from the world around us, and ultimately, from our true essential nature. At this point, re-connection and healing can begin.

Interspecies telepathic communication is about much more than a fun conversation with our animal friends…although it can be that, as well. Telepathic animal communication is a spiritual journey of reconnection…reunion…remembering. We are reclaiming our place as sentient beings in the web of life…not above it, below it, separate from it, or masters of it, but strands in the web, intricately woven in it, not separate, part of a divine expression of the whole, of the consciousness and awareness of all that is.

This is holy work. It is work that makes us whole.

If you’ve come to the crossroads and you are saying yes to yourself, yes to this journey, yes to reconnecting with all of life, I invite you to join us for the upcoming Animal Communcation Online Retreat, or check out the Beginning Animal Communication Open Access Class. You can also check out my Free Resources page for additional help to get you started on this journey.




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