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I’m just back from teaching my program on Animal and Interspecies Communication at The Monroe Institute in beautiful, lush western Virginia this week. Our international group of participants shared a beautiful week together, learning the foundational principles of telepathic communication with animals and all life…including trees, minerals, plants, mountains, and the elementals (often known as nature spirits, fairies, devas…)

This gorgeous quartz crystal was one of our non-human teachers, guides, and companions for the course. We gathered with her each morning in our opening circle, and her connection, energetic transmission, and teachings with us were deep.

Opening our telepathic and intuitive sense channels allows us to connect not just with animals, but with sentient beings of many forms: animal, plant, mineral, and the spirits of mountains, rivers, oceans, prairies. We can even learn to deepen our sensitivity and awareness to others of our own species! 🙂

Telepathic communication is an opening of all of our sensitive internal and external “receivers” to understand another beings’ viewpoint, energy, perspective, and wisdom. As we hone this natural, inborn ability, we learn to differentiate between thoughts, ideas, and perceptions that come from our human perspective, our analytical/logical mind, and our preconceptions, judgments, and beliefs, from those which come directly, in connection, resonance, and union, with those who share different expressions of form, life, and awareness.

If you’d like to experience this program and to work with me in an in-person residential intensive, I’ll be back at The Monroe Institute on Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2019. Get all the details here.

I would love to have you join me! 
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