Coronavirus: Connection and Communication, Part 3

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photo: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures

Three years ago, in early 2017, my whale teachers communicated to me:

“Three years. Three years of human time until there is a dramatic shift in the human world and on our Earth.”

When the whales shared this with me, I didn’t know what to make of it. I knew about the prophecies, I knew about the journey of evolution that the human species was making into a more heart-centered way of living and being, but I didn’t understand the timeline. And I certainly didn’t understand what, if anything, to do with the information that the whales gave me.

What I could see from my limited vantage point at that time was profound suffering and chaos; the destruction of the Earth and so much of the life that she holds; the effects of climate change that were already obvious; wars, greed, and the massive suffering of many species on a huge scale.

Today, as I remember this communication, it begins to make more sense.

I am a human in a human body, with a human perspective and experience. Like so many of us in this time, I am riding the waves, doing my best to rest in the wisdom of my heart, knowing that all is unfolding with utmost grace, witnessing with awe and gratitude the beautiful gifts and outgrowths of this time; and also experiencing the uncertainty, the disruption, the strong waves of collective fear, confusion, grief, and anger, and the profound shifts in our human world as we have known it.

Whenever I feel confused, uncertain, or want a bigger perspective than my small, limited human view, I go to the animals, the trees, those beings who have a radically different awareness from mine.

In this third post of the series on the Corona Virus, I share a few of the communications and transmissions from some of the non-human wisdom teachers I’ve connected with about our global situation, and in particular, the crucible of the novel corona virus in our human experience.

(If you missed them, see Corona Virus: Connection and Communication, Part 1, and Corona Virus: Connection and Communication, Part 2.)

Animal Perspectives on the Corona Virus

Blue Whales

The energy of the blue whales is vast. They are the largest animals known to have ever existed. Large in body, large in spirit, they are the great keepers of the oceans, deep, mysterious, and massive in their awareness, their energy, and their experience.

A few weeks ago in an early meditation in preparation for  our Global Reiki Circle, which I was guided to share in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, two blue whales, representatives from each of the Atlantic and Pacific populations, communicated to me that they wished to partner with our Global Reiki Circle and with our human species during this time.

Over the many years that I have been listening to and communicating with the blue whales and other cetaceans, they have communicated much that I can’t completely understand with my human mind. Sacred geometries, teachings about cosmic energy, journeys deep into the center of the earth and the farthest reaches of the cosmos…I receive, and feel with my body, and trust that the meaning and understanding will deepen and unfold over time.

Over the years I have come to deeply revere the spiritual awareness and healing energy that the cetaceans (among others) are channeling into our planet, and the benevolence and compassion that they have shared toward our human species, in spite of the greatly harmful impacts we have had on their lives and on the planet.

In the communication in advance of the Global Reiki Circle, the blue whales shared with me that they are aware of the shifts in energy in the human world, in the oceans, on both the physical and the energetic levels. They are aware of the COVID-19 situation and its impacts on our species. They feel the  immense energy for transformation and awakening that is available and that the human species is accessing through this portal, challenge, and opportunity, of COVID-19.

The blue whale representatives also communicated that they are aware of the energy of humans coming together in prayer, in healing circles, meditations, gatherings of the heart such as our Global Reiki Circle…humans connecting with the Divine Source of Love.

When we as humans come together in circles like this, in the many gatherings all over the world that have been taking place…the energy is palpable. In this powerful energy field of love, it is easy for them to join us…it is the frequency they live in. It is easy for the whales to connect with us when we are in this level of consciousness and energy. They feel it at a distance as a vibration and as an energetic that is magnetic, palpable, and spans the globe.

In our circle, they partnered with our group to share and disperse the energy through the oceans and across the planet. Many in the circle felt the powerful transmission of energy and connection from our blue whale partners and teachers, and they have continued to show up in our circles, as well as in people’s personal meditations, healing experiences, and dreams.


telepathic animal communicationI feel so blessed to live among the ravens. They are common here in New Mexico, and all over the southwestern United States. They frequent my yard, circle high overhead, riding the air drafts,  filling the air with their calls and their vibrant presence.

Early in the pandemic shutdown here in New Mexico, I asked the ravens to show me what things felt like from their perspective.

They showed me the changes in the atmosphere: differences in the level of sound and “noise” from the human world; a quieter feeling in the air; a vibrant sense of ease and freedom as the human world slowed.

Ravens often share their experience of the world with me as a sense of pragmatic ease and adventure, deep awareness of multiple levels of reality, and a joyful vibrant experience of life.

One raven shared an image with me: a colorful, pulsing field of moving and flowing energy. She communicated:

“As the human world changes, the Earth breathes and moves.”


I eagerly await the return of the hummingbirds to my garden each spring. This year, the first hummers arrived in late March and early April…in the quietest time of the stay-at-home order in New Mexico.

As I was sitting in my back garden one morning, enjoying my morning coffee, I asked one of the hummingbirds at my feeder about her life and her experience.

Among the things she shared with me was a simple communication that her migration was easier this year. Less interference, less difficulty, easier navigation.

She said this with complete neutrality, very matter-of-fact; not a big deal to her, just what was.

Many of us have seen the media reports of the many positive effects of the “human slowdown” on the non-human world. I might expect to hear from many of our non-human relations something like,

“Wow, are we ever glad you people have settled down. You are a pain and a nuisance and a destructive force in the world and we’d really rather you were not here.”

But that is not what the hummingbird said. She simply said,

“My migration was easier this year.”


“Hey, I really like this delicious nectar.”

Over and over again, I am so humbled by the wisdom, beauty, and profound awareness of the animals. As our human species scrambles to adjust to our new realities, the non-human animals show us, over and over again, new possibilities for how we can live.

More than ever, I feel that learning their language, learning to listen, truly listen, feel, and understand the wisdom of the other species who share our planet home, is essential. It’s a life skill, a natural way of living, being, communicating, and Be-ing, that we humans are desperately in need of. This is what keeps me going, keeps me working, keeps me teaching and writing and listening.

Being here, now, at this time, in this experience, is not always easy. But there is no place, nowhere, I would rather be.



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