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Part of a larger article on “Handling Disasters,” published in Summer, 2010 issue of Species Link Journal

Shortly after the initial reports of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I asked the dolphins for their perspective and guidance about the situation. An elder male Atlantic bottlenose dolphin came to me. This is a summary of what he communicated to me in our conversations:

Our entire species is aware of this happening. It is part of a larger picture. This event will be a catalyst for major change, and is essential in the awakening of humans and the rebirth of the planet. It is part of the great cleansing and the great healing. We are aware of this and knew this event would be coming. The consequences will be far-reaching, and will ultimately create greater wholeness for all. People may choose to experience these events through the reality of miracles, healing, and rebirth where “disasters” are dissolved or through the lens of destruction, pain, fear, and catastrophe.

Many beings have volunteered to give their physical lives in this event, if necessary, for the greater good. We dolphins are completely capable of removing our bodies into another reality where these events do not have any effect on us, and many of us have already done so. We are extremely fluent in dimensional travel and are also teaching humans who are open and willing to go beyond their current perception, about this type of dimensional shifting.

There is a state of being that is beyond this type of “devastation.” Keep your focus on what is already here. What you call “the new Earth” already exists by simply taking your awareness and consciousness there. If you focus on the heart space of love, you will become aware of a completely different experience of reality. From there, any necessary “solutions” will arise.

The oil is the blood, the life-fluid of Mother Earth. It expresses both her wounding and her healing. Shower the light of love on all: the humans “responsible” for this event, the ocean and all life within her, the oil-blood of the Earth, our Mother.

Come with us. Join us in holding the highest vibration (the dolphin then showed me sparkly rainbow lights and the deep, heartfelt energy of love). If you are willing, we will show you the way.

This entire article can be found in the Summer 2010 issue of Species Link.

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