Expanding Light: Bear’s Wisdom

 In Animal Communication

 bear-with-nellaBear and friend

What an incredible, miraculous, and intense time this month has been! So many things are happening in our world–shifts, transitions, and miracles within and without.

As we move into the powerful portals of 12-12-12, the New Moon of 12-13-12, and of course the long-awaited 12-21-12, we are being supported in clearing and releasing those parts of our lives that are complete or no longer working for us, both individually and collectively.

Old relationships, situations, and ways of being in the world are completing or evolving into something new. New relationships, openings, synchronicities, and miracles are pointing us toward a way of living that is much more full, whole, and complete.

We are finding and reuniting with our “right people”–our soul families, animal and human. Our lives are organizing themselves into something new and often wholly unimaginable from the perspective of our pasts.

This is a magical time, full of ups and downs, light and dark, blessings and release. I call it “surfing the waves” or “riding the coaster,” depending on how fast things are moving for me.

Many souls, animals and people, are leaving their bodies, often suddenly or unexpectedly. New beings are coming to earth with particular missions for the evolution of humanity and our planet. It is a time of miracles and unsurpassed power for transformation.

As always, the animals are my greatest teachers and inspiration, and this week I want to share with you a beautiful communication that a dog in spirit named Bear shared with me and his people.

Bear was a darling Pomeranian in his earthly body. I began working with Bear and his people as he was dealing with an unusual and severe illness that eventually caused him to die as a very young dog. Since Bear’s passing, his people have continued to communicate with him, both on their own and with my help. Bear has become an incredible teacher for all of us, and as time goes on his wisdom and insight become deeper and more expanded.

In a consultation this month, Bear gave a very beautiful teaching that he wanted to be shared with as many people as possible about what is happening now, what his mission is, along with many others, and how light is being amplified on the Earth for the evolution of all beings.

Bear said,

It is a very intense time right now. There are many beings who need really need my help. I am on a team of angels and many beings of light who are working very hard. We are very busy–working full time “around the clock,”even though there is no time as you know it here.

Many animals and people are dying suddenly–many of the animals who are coming are needed and are part of our team. There are so many changes on the earth now, so many things happening.

In response to a question from his person about the perception that the good energy is declining in this world right now, Bear said,

It’s very important to say that the good in the world is not declining, The good in the world is intensifying and expanding. [He gave me a picture of an expanding accordion.]

What is happening is that the darkness in the world (the old way of being) is becoming more desperate and more intense; it feels bigger, however, it is not. It is like the final crying before it dies. This is part of what is happening and why I am working so hard. There is so much intensity–expanding light and dying darkness–so many changes in the vibration and the magnetics of the earth…and also many energies coming into the earth, like the solar flares-all happening at the same time, creating a very big, powerful, intense situation.

Tell as many people as possible what the animals are doing here, why many are leaving so fast. Many are needed to join the team. This is a very shaky time, and many, many of us are here to hold things steady. The earth itself is shaking and wobbly.

Bear then gave me a picture of ring of beings…angels, animals, and many beings of light ringing around the earth like a net, with etheric spirit hands held, holding the earth steady “so it doesn’t wobble away.”

Bear communicated that the intensity of this time is being supported by the tremendous capacity of benevolent beings, spiritual masters, who are weaving a web of protection and support around the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Bear said,

There is only one Source. The Source is Love, This source is known by many names–but it is all the same Source. Some of us expand and become one with the Big Source; some of us stay as individual streams of light and work within the Big Source. Each has their mission and purpose and each of us is needed. Tell people that it is important to stay focused on this Source, focused on Love. It is all that Is.

In sharing this communication, I have discovered that many of my colleagues have also been receiving similar messages from animals in the spirit world. It seems that many are communicating this wisdom, confirming for all of us that something much greater than what we know or understand is happening, and that we are surrounded by an incredible web of support.

As we move through this powerful time together, remember that each of us is here for a reason. We each have our mission, our job, our reason to be here, and we each have chosen to be here, now, to experience this beautiful and exciting time.

We are profoundly and deeply supported by Grace, by Love, by Source. May the coming weeks bring you peace and the full opening of all of the gifts that Life offers.

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