How My Afghan Hounds and I Celebrate Spring

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It’s fafghan-houndsinally spring! My animal family and I are loving the warmer weather and longer days, and being able to spend more time outside in the yard together. Here in Santa Fe, my dogs and I enjoy our nightly ritual of sitting in the backyard and watching the sunset.

Northern New Mexico is famous for its skies — think Georgia O’Keefe — and my exclamation almost every day as we watch the sunset create magic in the sky and over the Sangre de Cristo mountains is, “The light! The light!”

My Afghans, sighthounds that they are, love to watch, seeing far into the distance, and keeping their eyes on any dogs, people, horses, or wildlife passing in the arroyo. When this happens, they are “off to the races” — flying around the yard at full Afghan speed… another gorgeous sight to see.

As Tashi said when she was young, “I want to run and run and run and run!” And run they do… like the wind!

Of course, the Afghans feel that the patio furniture is theirs… and I don’t argue with them. Here are Tashi and Surya sporting their best New Mexico “It’s so dry our hair stands on end” looks.

afghan-hounds afghan-hounds
afghan-hounds afghan-hounds

Living with these two “returnees” — Tashi and Surya are reincarnations of my former Afghan hounds, Tara and Rajah — is a daily experience of joy and surprise. So many of their former personality traits have continued in their current incarnations… including the very particular way they sit on furniture together, looking like bookends, and the way that Tashi arranges herself on her favorite “throne.”

I’ll be sharing more about the topic of animal reincarnation in the next months… stay tuned!

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My animal family and I wish you a beautiful week, filled with love and connection!

With much love,

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