How Science and Intuition Can Work Together

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I have a special treat to share with you this week!

Katy Quayle, who is completing the Animal Communication Professional Certification Program with me this year, gave this fantastic interview for a local radio station on animal communication.

In it, she talks about her experiences in animal communication, the professional certification training program, as well as the mentoring work she’s done with George Wright, who completed the certification program with me in 2017 and is now working full-time as a professional animal communicator.

Katy lives in the U.K., and is trained as both a veterinary nurse and a surgical research nurse (for humans)– i.e., she’s a scientist! Katy’s experience is a wonderful example of how science and intuition can work together, rather than in opposition to each other.

In the interview, Katy talks about how she developed her skill, her experiences in the training program, some incredible animal stories she has been able to share (some touching, some really funny), and how she convinced her veterinarian husband that it works.

I loved listening to this interview, and I think you will, too. Listen to the full interview here (starts about 4 minutes in):

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