Interspecies Partnership and Co-Creation

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When we begin to open to interspecies communication, many of us begin with communication with animals, as it’s often our animal friends who offer us the first invitations to reawaken our connection with the web of life and the universal language of telepathic communication and understanding.

However, we quickly discover that this way of being, perceiving, and moving in the world is not limited to animals…that it can include connection and communication with plants, trees, minerals, elemental beings and nature spirits, and the spirits of rivers, mountains, forests, oceans, prairies.

I was in Maine earlier this month, and had the opportunity to spend some time with master herbalist Deb Soule and tour the beautiful gardens and herbal apothecary at Avena Botanicals. Avena makes handcrafted, herbal remedies from plants that are grown organically and biodynamically, with reverence for the earth and each being in the web of life.

When I entered the gardens at Avena, I immediately knew that I was stepping into a sacred place, a place of healing, of sanctuary, of multi-dimensional interspecies awareness and co-creation. I felt the deep connections between the human gardeners, the plants, the elemental beings and nature spirits who inhabit the gardens, and the pollinators, birds, deer, and other beings who partner in creating this peaceful, healing sanctuary.

The feeling of deep reverence and respect for each spirit and being of the land was palpable and profound. While we were there, one of the gardeners found that a mother deer had nestled her fawn among the mullein in the garden while she went to feed. Though she could have chosen a place farther into the forest and away from human activity, she chose the garden as a safe place for her fawn.

As we drank tulsi tea made from freshly picked leaves from the gardens, I was reminded again how each choice we make matters to the earth and all of her inhabitants. The consciousness and awareness that we bring to each moment in how we care for our bodies, the land, the plants, and each other—human and non-human—matters deeply.

When we respect, understand, listen to, and truly feel and hear the wisdom, awareness, and essence of all beings, we enter into a way of being that is deeply sacred, deeply connected…we come home…home to our bodies, home to the earth, home to the web of life. We enter into a partnership, a sacred circle of co-creation and connection with all life, that is profoundly healing for all beings.

I feel that there is nothing we can do at this time on our planet that is more important…more essential…more sacred. 
May we walk together in reverence for all life, honoring the web and all that it holds.

(If you’re looking for beautiful handcrafted herbal products, check out Avena’s product line…I’ve been using them and they are wonderful!)

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