Introducing My New Animal Friends!

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bantam-chickSometimes, blessings come all in a package, in a great, overwhelming cascade of joy! That’s what happened in my family last week.

Last Tuesday, I welcomed 10 1-day old bantam chicks into my animal family, including a “returnee”: Callie, who died in June, returned in this batch of chicks… and she requested to keep her same name. She’s the same breed as her previous body, and I recognized her right away. It’s such a joy to have her beautiful, sweet energy back in our physical world and in our family.

Then, two days later, I adopted precious, beautiful Marigold, a young calico cat. I’ve been waiting for her for a long time, and I’ll share more of her story as time goes on.

She was fostered by a friend through our local animal shelter, and I am head-over-heels in love with her. Our whole family has been missing female cat energy since Maraya died last year, and Marigold’s presence is already starting to fill the Maraya-sized hole in our home.

cat-marigold    cat-marigold

I’m over the moon with joy about these beautiful beings who have come into my life. And, we’re all adjusting… new schedules, new routines, going slowly with the introductions… lots to handle with all of the animals… and me!

bantam-chick    bantam-chick

In my experience, sometimes both grief and losses, and joys and new blessings, come in waves and clusters.

I appreciate being able to share some of both with you in this community of kind-hearted souls of all species.

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