Introducing My New Chicken Friends!

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Last week, I happily welcomed 5 new hens into my flock of bantam chickens, and I am delighted to introduce them to you!

Meet, Phoebe, a 2 year old bantam Phoenix:


and Ella, Bella, Stella, and Zella, 5-month old D’Uccles:


They are all settling in very well, learning our routines, and getting along well with Pierre and the other hens. Of course, Pierre is delighted to have some new gals to take care of. : )

It’s always a burst of joy when a new animal comes into the family. I am loving getting to know each of these lovely hens, their unique personalities, preferences, and gifts. They will be joining my other animals as teachers in my interspecies communication classes, and I’ll continue to share some photos and chicken antics with you as we go!

And, I want to express my gratitude for all of the kind words, notes, prayers, and blessings that were sent for me and our family after Leah’s passing. It means so much to me to have her honored in this way, and to know that this tribe a community of people who so deeply feel and respect the relationships and soul-connections that we have with the animals who share our lives. I am so grateful for your hearts, your words, and your many kindnesses.

Also, if you are interested in scheduling an Animal Communication session with me, there are a limited number of slots available. Check out my schedule and book a session online HERE.

My animal family and I wish you a beautiful week, filled with love and connection!

With love,


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