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It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love, love, love my chickens. 🙂 For the past 9 years, I have been blessed to have chicken friends in my family, and they are often teachers in my animal communication classes.

I love the journey of discovery that people who haven’t known chickens make when they begin to recognize chickens’ intelligence, wisdom, awareness, sensitivity, individuality, and amazing capacity for joy, love, and fun.

One of the favorite activities at my house is something my friends have dubbed “Chicken TV.” Chickens are incredibly entertaining and fun to hang out with, and I have chairs set up in my outdoor chicken enclosure where I can sit and spend time with my chickens. Sometimes it’s Chicken Meditation, sometimes it’s Chicken Happy Hour, sometimes it’s Chicken Cuddle Time (with those who are willing.)

Since moving to New Mexico last fall, I’ve known that come spring, I wanted to invite a couple of new hens to join my flock. Last weekend, we found each other, and I’m delighted to introduce them to you!

Lily and Lulu are bantam silver Cochins who were hatched together and are about 9 months old. They were raised by a teenage girl who loves her chickens, and recognized that they would benefit from being in a smaller flock.

The girls are both gentle souls, with their own individual personalities. They are integrating into the flock nicely, with the usual pecking order rearrangements that are to be expected in chicken society. I am enjoying getting to know them, feeling each of them and their unique viewpoints, personalities, and sensitivities.

So my little flock is now at 9: 1 funny, quirky rooster, and 8 lovely hens. You can see photos of the whole gang on the Meet the Staff page of my website.

When we take the time to simply be with our animal friends, in quiet awareness and appreciation, we open the space for deep and authentic connection and communication.






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