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telepathic animal communicationIf you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you know that one of the things that I talk about the most in my animal communication classes, media interviews, and writing is that telepathic communication is a universal language–our birthright, not a special gift that some lucky people are born with and some aren’t.

In teaching animal communication and helping others to reawaken their natural ability to communicate telepathically, I’ve noticed a common pattern. Rediscovering telepathic communication is an exciting adventure for many people, and those first experiences of receiving accurate communication from animals are thrilling.

I love witnessing this stage of the journey, and supporting and encouraging people to realize that yes, they can do this!

And then, something else happens. And it’s this “something else” that this post is about. People can get stuck. People feel blocked.

This is another really important part of the journey. And I love this part of my job, too. Because this is where I can really help. I know the territory. I’ve been there, and I can be a guide.

I want to talk with you about the blocks, the places where we get stuck, the challenges, and give you some suggestions for seeing these challenges as gifts, working with them, and moving through them.

When we open ourselves to uncovering our ability to communicate telepathically with animals and all life, all that potentially stands in the way of recognizing our union and our connection will show up so that it can be worked with, seen clearly, and released.

Bumps in the road, or even roadblocks, are not only common, they are an essential part of the journey.

When you are feeling blocked, rather than letting this discourage you, you might choose to see it as another powerful step in your growth and intuitive awakening.

Common Challenges in Telepathic Animal Communication

1. Wanting it so badly—and fear that you won’t be able to get it.

This block can create a lot of anxiety and pressure for people, which blocks the heart and energy field from open, flowing communication.

2. Being afraid to make mistakes and to “get it wrong.”

This is so common. We all want to be accurate, to do things well, to achieve. We want to do this work with integrity.

Hearing the animals accurately IS important, for the animals, for other people, and for us. But our fear of being wrong can make us feel paralyzed, so that we can’t hear anything at all.

3. Trying too hard: forcing the communication rather than allowing it to be easy, flowing, and natural.

Authentic telepathic communication is easy, natural, and fast. This is hard for people in our culture. We are conditioned to believe that if we work harder we will be better. That isn’t how telepathic animal communication works. Trying, working, and striving to hear the animals only serves to tie us up and make us more anxious.

4. Attachment to the answer and the outcome, or fear of what you may hear/receive.

This one can be especially challenging with our own animal families, or in situations where we have an emotional involvement or investment.

5. Being physically ungrounded, tired, and stressed.

Animal communication is grounded, earthy, gutsy work. It’s not airy-fairy-in-the-clouds. That’s not where the animals live. This is grounded work—and you must be in your body to do it.

In means in!

In means being fully embodied and present, not out in the cosmos…that’s not where communication happens. The animals have a lot to teach about this…ask them!

I admit that this one is a bit of a soapbox for me, living here in the Land O’ Vortexes. 🙂

We need to have a basic level of comfort and health to be at our best with this work. You don’t have to be perfect, or be a master yogi or meditator, but you do need to support your body and get enough good nutrition, exercise, and rest.

6. Focusing on thinking and figuring things out from an intellectual or mental perspective, rather than on listening from the heart and internal senses.

Again, this is a tough one in cultures where we are encouraged to think rather than feel, to solve problems and navigate through life with our intellect and thinking mind, rather than with our intuition and inner knowing.

People who have learned to depend on or have been recognized and rewarded for intellectual/mental ability often have a very difficult time letting go of the comfort, security, and recognition that comes from using the thinking mind.

Our intellectual and mental abilities are wonderful tools that help us do many things in life. They are not, however, very helpful in opening up our receptive and intuitive abilities. Those parts of us come from somewhere else…whether you call it the heart, the back body/brain, spirit…moving out of our heads is essential for reawakening the ancient, universal language of telepathy.

Practices for Working with Challenges in Telepathic Animal Communication

telepathic animal communication

Here’s a summary of some of the practices I use and teach in my animal communication program to help people to move through challenges and blocks.

1. Recognize the challenge and see it clearly.

This is the first step in releasing the control that this challenge may have to block you. Name the challenge. Speak it aloud.

“I’m afraid of what my dog will tell me.”

“I’m so exhausted and I just want to sleep.”

“I want to figure this situation out.”

2. Welcome the challenge as a teacher.

Take a deep, soft breath, and adopt an attitude of openness and curiosity about the challenge. Move toward it, rather than hoping it will go away.

“Hello, fear! What do you have to teach me today?”

“Greetings, want-to-get-it-perfect-girl! What can I learn from you?”

3. Use physical practices to relax tension and release pressure.

These including focusing on the breath, opening and relaxing into the back of your body, softening, deepening, releasing.

Sit on the earth.




Do you know how uncommon it is in our culture to really take breath into our bodies in a complete and life-sustaining way? How can we have forgotten how to breathe? We have!


Since I’m a yoga teacher, I use many of the simple practices from the yoga tradition to help people with this. In my Beginning Animal Communication  and other classes, we spend time working with these physical practices to make them an easy and natural “go to” for times when we feel stuck.

4. Be more childlike.

Adopt a playful, curious, relaxed attitude, and approach telepathic communication as a lighthearted game.

Do something fun that opens your childlike nature.


Roll down a hill.

Fly a kite.

Play with your dog.

Giggle. A lot.

5.  Become aware of your own agendas, attachments, preferences, and desires.

Be willing to set them aside while you listen to the animal’s perspective.

This one isn’t simple. This one is a lifetime’s worth of work. We will always have our patterns, our agendas, our preferences, and our attachments. We don’t need to get rid of them to do this work.

But we do need to be aware of them.

This takes honesty, humility, and an openness to self-awareness. It’s a deep spiritual journey.

6. Realize that the truth is always preferable to an idea or projection.

No matter how difficult the truth may be to hear, focus on the fact that clear, honest communication creates more harmonious relationships, with both animals and humans.

Remember that animals are usually very generous with their communication, and really appreciate being understood, even if their communication is not what you are hoping or expecting to hear.

One thing I’ve noticed is that what people are often most afraid of hearing is not actually what the animal says, or wants to say. The fear is the block, not the actual truth of the communication itself.

7.  Treat yourself and your physical body with the same good care that you give your animal friends.

Take excellent care of your body, mind, and spirit. Eat right, drink enough water, take care of physical issues, spend time outside in nature, get bodywork, and adopt calming practices like yoga and meditation.


Many people find that this path will inspire them to let go of old habits that no longer serve them and deplete their bodies and spirits, and adopt a new, more balanced lifestyle that includes good self-care and healthy habits.

Many of us live our lives from the head up, completely disconnected from our bodies.

The best thing you can do to improve your telepathic communication with animals is to fully inhabit your own body.

8. Learn some techniques to quiet your mind and cultivate being still and quiet.

These practices can include meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, walking in nature, walking a labyrinth, contemplative prayer–use what resonates for you, what you enjoy, what works.

Don’t try to fight your mental chatter…it will only make it worse. Instead, adopt a compassionate and neutral attitude toward it:

“Thank you for sharing, now back to my listening…”

Breathe, sit back, and refocus. This is similar to meditation techniques that simply label it “thinking,” and then return to the breath, no big deal.

9. Allow the animals to teach you about being present, clear, and quiet.

Spend time alone with them and in nature to learn this skill that is impaired in our human culture. Connect with animals and nature in an open attitude of receiving and allowing whatever unfolds to show up.

Approaching our blocks, challenges, fears, foibles, and struggles with an openhearted attitude of compassion for ourselves and curiosity about what we may discover next will go a long way toward helping us to drop in, drop down, and open to hearing accurate, clear telepathic animal communication from our animal friends.


Do you want to learn more about telepathic animal communication? A new session of the Beginning Animal Communication Online Class starts soon. My friend Milo is one of the animal teachers for the class. I would love to have you join us!






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