Professional Practitioner Training and Certification

Animal Communication Academy Level 6

September 6 – December 4, 2021

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This class is for people who are in the Animal Communication Academy Professional Training Program. It is designed for people who wish to practice animal communication professionally, either as professional animal communicators, or in combination with other animal-related modalities (training, grooming, veterinary medicine, bodywork, animal Reiki, energy healing, etc.) It is also open to animal communicators who have completed the requirements for application who want to deepen their skills and awareness for their own personal growth and development.

In this program, you’ll strengthen your telepathic communication abilities, and learn how to use them professionally to assist animals and their human companions. You’ll discover the ways you work best, explore how to structure your animal communication practice in a way that works for you and your clients, and sharpen your skills with practice cases, interactive discussion and exploration, and exercises and course materials that will assist you in developing a strong foundation as an animal communicator.

We’ll explore personal and spiritual development practices that cultivate the qualities of compassion and the inner strength which are required for  professional animal communication work. To be truly effective animal communicators, we need to have an ongoing commitment to our own personal journeys of growth, self-awareness, and presence. We can only hear, receive, and be present to in others that which we are willing to be aware of and present to in ourselves. By facing our vulnerabilities, tender places, shadow sides, and places of resistance, we cultivate the spiritual capacity to show up for our animal and human clients in ways that can facilitate deep understanding, transformation, and healing.

Successful completion of this program will lead to a Professional Animal Communication Certificate from Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy.


Certification in this program requires successful completion of all class requirements and prerequisites.

Certification through this program indicates that people have achieved and demonstrated a basic foundational competency in telepathic communication with animals, animal-human consultations, and professional ethics.

All animal communicators certified through this program must agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators by Penelope Smith, and the Ethical Agreements for Animal Communication Practice by Nancy Windheart.

Class Format

  • 6 Class Modules over 12 weeks
  • Online Curriculum: recordings, written material, class discussion
  • 6 2-hour teleconference calls; calls are recorded; live attendance is required
  • 2 private 50-minute mentoring sessions


1. Beginning Animal Communication Online Class
2. Deepening Animal Communication (Online or In-Person)
3. Ethics and Energetic Boundaries Online Class
4. Advanced Topics in Animal Communication
5. Case Study Mentoring and Practicum
6. Complete Application  – Application deadline: August 30, 2021

This program is by invitation or application.


Conference Call Dates

All calls are 2 hours long: 12pm – 2pm (MT). Attendance on the calls is required.

Check the time of class calls in your time zone here.

Module 1:
Thursday, September 16

Module 2:
Thursday, September 30

Module 3:
Thursday, October 14

Module 4:
Thursday, October 28

Module 5:
Thursday, November 11

Module 6:
Thursday, December 2

All calls will be recorded and available to listen to online and download.

Calls will be via Zoom; some calls may be Audio Only (no video.)

Course Fee

Full Payment: $1997.00 (USD)
Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $732.00 (USD)

Class Curriculum

Module 1: Developing Professional Consultation Skills

  • Cultivating Presence and the Capacity for Deep Listening
  • Practice: Belly Breathing
  • Developing Awareness of Ourselves

Module 2: Working with Trauma and Grief

  • Grief Counseling Basics
  • Working With Trauma
  • Practice Cases: Fieldwork

Module 3: Creating Professional Relationships with Clients

  • Understanding Human and Animal Perspectives in Consultations
  • Structuring Client Sessions
  • Role-plays and Fieldwork
  • Client Communication

Module 4: Building Confidence, Flexibility, and Resiliency

  • Case Study Discussion and Review
  • Working On-the-Spot and In-Person
  • Professional Animal Communicator Interview: Working In-Person
  • Case Study Presentation – Fieldwork

Module 5: Animal Communication Business Basics

  • Make Your Business Your Own
  • Setting and Structuring Fees
  • How to Develop and Maintain a Client Base
  • Introduction to Human Design
  • 5 Human Design Types and Strategies
  • Professional Animal Communicator Interview
  • Create a Structure – Fieldwork

Module 6: Certification Requirements and Assessments

  • Guidelines, Ethics, Legal Issues
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Private Session Interviews
  • Interview with a Professional Animal Communicator
  • Continuing your Journey


 Class Application and Enrollment

Professional Practitioner Training and Certification

Animal Communication Academy Level 6

September 6 – December 4, 2021

STEP 1: Start your enrollment process:

Please complete the application online. Once you have been approved, you must complete your registration to the right.

* Application deadline: August 30, 2021

STEP 2: Complete your registration:

Once you have been approved, please complete your registration below. There are 2 options to choose from.


What Past Graduates Have Shared…

  • Nancy's Professional Certification/Training Program is an in-depth program which encompasses the breadth and nuances which form the essentials for an animal communication practice. I found the use of digital tools along with the required practice, conversation and support to prove to be extremely effective. It was also great to feel part of a community, that our challenges are not unique, and to grow with the experience from others in the community.

    Among Nancy's gifts and skills are her ability to support individual students rather than simply prescribing solutions. It was great to be able to do the courses at my pace, emphasizing for myself the areas in which I was struggling the most, and learning tools which I continue to apply in my professional practice. I highly recommend Nancy as a teacher, mentor and facilitator. She is grounded, empathetic, walks the walk, and has a knack for adapting to support individuals on their unique journeys.

    Cheryl Nason
    Cheryl Nason Certified Animal Communicator
  • This course exceeded my expectations. The knowledge and experience I gained lifted me to a place of much greater confidence in my ability to move forward and make my own contribution in this field. Through participation in this program, I believe I have significantly developed my telepathic translation skills and consultation skills and have acquired valuable knowledge about how to manage an interspecies communication practice.

    The most important thing I am taking away from this class, however, came from the actual experience of just being with this instructor.  Nancy is fully present with her students in the same way she is present with her human and nonhuman clients. This actual experience of her presence and of the beautiful container she creates, helped me to expand my own ability to create the space with others, human and nonhuman, where real connection, deep understanding and healing can occur.

    Sandy Zoumbaris USA
  • Nancy’s Professional Certification Program has definitely changed my life! I went into it with the intention to work professionally, but never imagined I would come out the other end ready to go into my own business right away.

    The program was the foundation I needed to be confident and experienced enough to go out on my own. I’m now working full-time as an animal communicator in my own business. It’s not hard to say that without Nancy’s guidance and loving support through her certification program, I would not be in the position I find myself in today.

    Thank you, Nancy, for offering your many years’ worth of learning and experience in such a thorough and well put together certification program.

    George Wright, Wild Voices
    George Wright, Wild Voices Certified Animal Communicator -
  • I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Nancy and to have completed her Professional Certification/Training Program. I was looking for a program that would support me in developing my animal communication skills on a deep level.

    What I received from this program was that and more. Through Nancy's guidance, my skill and confidence in my ability to communicate with other species increased each step of the way. Equally important to me was Nancy's ability to help me understand how this work is woven into who I am and how I want to bring this work out into the world. This program provided me with practical information as well as activities to help with integration. This program also offered many opportunities for me to practice my communication skills and receive valuable feedback from Nancy.

    When I experienced blocks or challenges, Nancy supported me in understanding how to move through them. In the process of developing and deepening my interspecies communication skills, I also developed a deeper understanding of myself.

    Completing this program has brought me to a new beginning in my life as I step into bringing this work out into the world.

    Kelly Sturtevant
    Kelly Sturtevant Certified Animal Communicator

ruzuku-twitter-200-75Ruzuku Course Platform

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  • feeling of accomplishment as you complete the steps of the course
  • online community where you can interact with other students and the course teacher
  • easy-to-use format that makes accessing course materials easy and fun
  • fabulous support from the Ruzuku team for any technical questions

The Ruzuku platform holds all of the class materials–handouts, recordings, videos–so that they are always accessible online from wherever you are, using your computer or mobile device.

The feedback from students about the Ruzuku platform has been fantastic. You’ll love it!

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