How Reiki and Animal Communication Can Work Together

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I love Reiki. It’s a tool I use daily for myself, my animal and human friends and family, and with my animal and human clients. It’s a basic part of my “toolkit”, and I can’t imagine living without it.

One of the things I love most about teaching both Reiki and interspecies communication is how they work together and support each other.

In my years of teaching both animal communication and Reiki, I’ve noticed that people who have Reiki training are able to use it to enhance their interspecies communication abilities, and that often it “turbo charges” people’s ability to send and receive telepathic and intuitive information clearly.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of energy healing that anyone can use. It is a powerfully effective form of energy healing for all species that can be helpful for stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual growth.

Reiki complements all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki can help animals in the same ways it helps humans: to balance and nourish the physical body, and to balance mental and emotional energy.

Reiki is particularly effective in helping animals who have been traumatized, or who are experiencing physical or behavioral difficulties. Reiki in combination with telepathic animal communication can assist animals in very powerful ways.

How does Reiki help people who are learning and practicing interspecies telepathic communication?

Reiki is universal source energy…and opening to it and working with it puts people in direct contact with the energy that connects all living beings. It’s a direct channel that bypasses the left-brain, thinking mind.

Reiki sensitizes people to energy, and assists in opening the channels to receive intuitive, energetic, and telepathic information and communication easily and clearly.

Reiki helps animals to relax, and it helps humans to be in a state of being and awareness that animals find very easy to be with.  Reiki is a meditative and quieting practice, and it helps practitioners to cultivate the state of being in which telepathic communication and intuitive impressions flow naturally and easily.

animal reikiHow does Reiki help to support animals?

Reiki can help to support physical, mental, and emotional healing in both humans and animals. Reiki can often help to access levels of healing and awareness that direct communication cannot. They work together to support healing, transformation, and deeper understanding between species.

Animals are often very sensitive to energy, and can feel and deeply appreciate Reiki. I’ve worked with many animals, both domestic and wild, who are attracted by Reiki and the calming, peaceful energy field it creates.

Who can learn Reiki?

There are no educational prerequisites required to attend beginning Reiki classes. Anyone can learn Reiki who has an open heart and an open mind and a desire to help others. Even people who are skeptical have learned to embrace Reiki as a result of direct experience.

Although many health care practitioners, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, nurses, doctors and therapists use Reiki in their profession, most people who are trained in Reiki begin by using it for their families and friends.

Is Reiki a religion?

No, Reiki is not part of any specific religious practice or tradition.  Working with the Reiki energy can help enhance one’s religious or spiritual practice, but it is not a religion within itself. Reiki is practiced by people within many spiritual traditions, and it is also practiced by people who have no religious or spiritual belief system.

How is Reiki for animals different than Reiki for humans?

Reiki is Reiki; there is no difference in the Reiki energy whether it is used with humans or animals.

How humans and animals receive Reiki, however, can vary greatly. When sharing Reiki with animals, it’s important to understand these differences. In the Reiki training classes that I teach, we address and work with these differences specifically.

Reiki and Animal Reiki Courses

If you’re interested in learning more about Reiki and/or want to expand your Reiki practice, I offer a number of Reiki classes online.

Find more information about these classes HERE.

I would love to have you with us and to support you in your journey as a Reiki Practitioner!


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