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istock_boy-with-dogReturn: To turn again. To turn one’s attention back to something. Re-turn to awareness. Re-turn to consciousness. Re-turn home.

I had the opportunity to spend some time this week with a friend and her beautiful, almost-10-year-old daughter, whose “what I want to be when I grow up” dream includes being a professional animal communicator and animal bodywork practitioner. I love spending time with this child, encouraging her dreams, listening to her stories, and feeling the fullness of her connection with all of life.

My friend’s daughter has been raised with encouragement and full acknowledgment of her abilities to communicate telepathically and to perceive and understand the non-physical worlds. She’s a normal 10-year-old kid in every way, who communicates telepathically with her mom, her animal family, the nature spirits in her yard…and who is equally comfortable sitting on the ground in a medicine wheel and eating pizza with her friends.

Unlike the childhood experiences of so many of us in the “baby boom” generation, who were raised, at best, to ignore our telepathic abilities and our spiritual, non-physical perceptions; or, at worst, to fear them–there are children now all over the world, including in western cultures, who are being raised consciously, with full integration of their abilities to see, perceive, and feel with the wholeness of their beings–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Our world really IS changing. I think that most of us can feel this. Even as we see so many of the old ways around us deteriorating and collapsing, which can be really uncomfortable and disconcerting at times, new ways of being and living are becoming more fully integrated into our consciousness, both collectively and individually.

It’s an exciting time to be alive! I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be here on this Earth at this time in history, creating, experiencing, manifesting goodness and beauty and fun, and sharing it all with my family and community of beloved animal and human friends.

We’re all in this together. I’m aware that many of us are going through some rough times right now–transformation isn’t always easy or comfortable. But, oh, it is so worth it–to feel and live with the eyes of a child, to enjoy the fullness of each moment, to smell the air and the earth and feel with all of our senses–life is juicy, and rich, and precious.

My animal friends teach me this every day. When I get overwhelmed with my perceived “responsibilities”, or get bowled over by an emotional wave, or see clearly, often with chagrin, some long-held pattern that doesn’t serve me anymore–they gently but firmly bring me back to this moment, right here, right now, with a touch, a nuzzle, a crow…

They re-turn me.

And I breathe deeply, re-turning to my body, re-turning to this very moment, re-turning home…

…HOME…to the ground of being….to the ground of the good, sweet earth….to the ground of this precious life.

Our animals, our children, are our teachers.

May all of the moments of our lives be blessed by the sure knowledge of this grace.

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