I offer the following kinds of private, one-on-one sessions and consultations.

All services are available both in person (Sedona/Verde Valley area) and long-distance via phone or Skype.

Animal Communication Consultations

A telepathic animal communication consultation is an opportunity for you to have direct two-way communication with your animal friend. You can ask questions about matters that are important to you or problems you may be having in your relationship.

I view my role in an animal communication consultation as that of a “translator”–I create a clear and loving connection between you and your animal friend so that you may better understand each other. I communicate your animals’ viewpoints, feelings, perspectives, and other relevant information that can help to create more cooperation and a deeper relationship between you.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a holistic healing art for stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual growth. Reiki is a very simple yet powerful technique that can be learned and used by anyone.

Reiki may be shared in-person (either through laying on hands or in the energy field off the body) or long distance (by a Reiki practitioner attuned to Level 2 Reiki). I provide the both in-person and distance Reiki sessions for people and animals.

Consultations for People

I offer personal sessions for people seeking support for their spiritual and healing journey. My training and background in telepathic communication, Reiki, Yoga, meditation, energy healing, Human Design, and spiritual counseling gives me a broad toolbox to assist you on your path.

I offer 1:1 personal coaching, mentoring, and support for animal communication students, practitioners, and other holistic professionals.

I also offer private Yoga sessions by phone or in-person. I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher and have training in LIfeForce Yoga® (yoga for depression and anxiety).. In a private yoga session, I can design breathing and physical practices to support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Retreats and Intensives

Customized, 1:1 retreat and intensive experiences in Sedona and the Verde Valley; also available via phone/Skype.

Special Journeys

I facilitate special retreats and journeys that combine animal communication and spiritual practice.

  • Whale and Dolphin Trips
  • Women’s Retreats
  • Sacred Site Retreats

Please see the Events Calendar for information on upcoming journeys.

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