Tashi Loving Her “Throne”

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tashi-joy-afghan-houndI have been sharing a lot about my Afghan hound, Surya lately (thanks for all of your kind and sympathetic responses to the destroyed dog bed photo!) 😋

So I thought I’d send a recent photo of Tashi Joy.

The weather has been warming up here in New Mexico, and Tashi loves nothing more than to sit on the patio on her “throne” (AKA her outdoor chair) and watch the goings-on in the arroyo (the Spanish word for gully, wash, ravine… it’s where the water flows when we get big rains). People walk with their dogs and ride their horses in the arroyo, and it’s also a superhighway for coyotes, rabbits, and other wildlife.

Tashi loved sitting in this position in her former body as Tara, and she has resumed her “throne sitting” in her current body and lifetime with me. Arroyo-watching is the equivalent of a big-screen thriller for a sighthound.

(If you missed the story of Tashi’s return to me, you can find it here: Animal Reincarnation: Love Never Dies)

Not all animals who reincarnate into new bodies come back with the same personality traits and quirks, but Tashi has, including throne-sitting, eye-rolling, singing the “song of her people”, which sounds like a really bad and slightly hysterical version of an opera aria, and sniffing each stalk of anything 100 times longer than either of the other dogs when we go on our walks.

tashi-joy-afghan-houndEvery day, I look at her and I think, “I am living with a miracle.” A quirky, funny, fussy, independent, freakishly smart, sassy, sensitive, loving, odd-ball miracle.

Sometimes people assume that since I am an animal communicator, we don’t have problems or challenges in our home. I am here to tell you that we are a regular family, with behavior issues, inter-species conflicts, irritations, and differences of opinions. (“What do you mean, I can’t self-serve from the kitchen counters?” the Afghans say.) 😊

We share a lot of love, and we do our best to communicate and understand each other, compromise, and adjust to the sometimes conflicting needs and wants of multiple family members… including the human.

Telepathic communication just makes all of that a bit easier.

If you’d like to learn more about what is possible with animal communication, there are two upcoming class opportunities for you:

Beginning Animal Communication Online Class: starts next week, March 9 and

Animal and Interspecies Communication Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 25-29.

You can find more information about these courses on my website.

Tashi and I, and the rest of my family, wish you a beautiful week!

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