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In the occasional Hawk’s Eye posts, I share resources that I think will be interesting and helpful for my readers. In this post I’m delighted to feature a new book by Beverley Kane, MD:

Equine-imity: Stress Reduction and Emotional Self-Regulation in the Company of Horses

I’ve just finished reading this beautiful book, and wanted to share it with you. It’s moving, easy to read, full of practical and interesting practices and information, written with a light touch and humor about the ways in which horses can teach us to be more resilient, responsive, embodied, and awake.

I’ve known Beverley for many years now as a client, Reiki student, multi-faceted and brilliant physician, researcher, writer, and horsewoman. I’ve come to love her and am honored to have some of our work together both with Reiki and with her wonderful horse partner Serena included in this book.

With Horsensei, Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy, Beverley integrates her lifelong interest in animal welfare and animal communication, expertise in depth psychology and complementary therapies, and her practice in equine experiential learning and equine facilitated mental health.

Equine-imity teaches somatic horsemanship using qigong, a tai-chi like meditation, with horses. Somatic means of the body. Written especially for non-equestrians, Equine-imity explores the physical relationship between humans and horses, on the ground and, optionally, on the horse, in order to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in both species.

Whether you have a horse or have never even touched one before, whether you practice meditation or not, in Equine-imity you will discover:

  • Horses as teachers of physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Appreciation of the human body as beautiful in every size and shape
  • Applied principles from exercise physiology, sports medicine, natural horsemanship, and equine-assisted therapy
  • The Stanford four-phase Equine-imity somatic horsemanship program, proven to reduce stress
  • Resources for how to locate horses near your home or workplace

Our bodies are our temples and horses lead us to the altar. Beverley Kane M.D.

For more information about how to find this this book in both e-reader and print editions, including a free download of the table of contents and introduction, visit the Equine-imity website.

[You may also enjoy the guest post that Beverley wrote several years ago for my blog, Qigong, Tai Ji, and Reiki, in which she shares her personal experiences with Reiki as well as some of her unique work blending Reiki + Qigong + equine assisted learning that has continued to evolve in her work.

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