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I am so excited to announce that the book: The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends, edited by Diana Ventimiglia, has been published by Sounds True and is now available.

I’m honored to have my essay, “Guru Cat” — the story of how my formerly – feral cat, Freddie, became one of my greatest spiritual teachers and guides — included in this beautiful and inspiring book.

From the publisher:

In The Karma of Cats, spiritual teachers and writers reflect on the wisdom and gifts they’ve received from their feline friends—exploring themes of radical respect, unconditional love, our spiritual nature, and more.

Loving companions and wild spirits, our feline friends have much to teach all who welcome them into their homes and hearts.

Okay… that’s the announcement. Now for the personal stuff:

Here’s the truth: I am OVER THE MOON about having my writing included in this publication.

The book includes essays by some of my favorite teachers, writers, and personal heroes and heroines (Angela Farmer, Sandra Ingerman, Andrew Harvey, Jeffery Moussaieff Masson, Karla McLaren, Alice Walker.) Each essay is beautiful; many are touching, some are funny, all are profound. Reading each one, I am reminded again of the extraordinary gifts that our feline companions offer us… gifts of love, grace, and transformation.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book (and my author fee) are donated to the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue.  After spending years working in rescue, including raising many litters of bottle kittens, running a feral cat Trap-Neuter-Release program, and living with many rescued cats, as well as all of my years of working with rescued and sheltered cats as an animal communicator, I love that this book supports and recognizes the life-saving work of shelters and animal rescues.

Most importantly, I feel that this book gives voice to the truth that so many people who live with and love cats know in their deepest hearts:

Cats are our teachers, our guides, our companions; cats have the gift of opening the doors to our hearts, our spiritual awareness, and our expanded mystical and psychic perceptions in ways that are unique to the feline species.

My relationship with Freddie, now my beloved companion and spirit guide, continues to be one of the most important relationships, resources, and guiding lights in my life. It is because of Freddie that I became a professional animal communicator; it is because of Freddie that I have the life I have today.

I think of Freddie as my true north star. I am in communication with him daily; it’s a relationship and a connection like no other I have had in my life. Although he has been gone from the physical world for over 15 years, my relationship with him remains one of the most powerful, potent connections of my life.

The day that the advance copies of the books were delivered, I wept… because, in a way, it felt like the journey Freddie and I began together all those years ago had come full circle. His story is now available to be shared with the world… but more than that, the depth of his wisdom, love, and spiritual guidance has been honored in such a beautiful, tender way.

When the books arrived, I went and sat outside under the stars. “Freddie”, I said, “Your story is now out in the world. You are now a teacher not just for me, but for others.” I could not have imagined, all of those years ago, that our journey together would have taken us to this place.

As I sat and looked at the stars, I felt Freddie’s clear, direct presence surrounding me. As always, his spirit feels like a clear, true beacon in the night. As his energy enveloped me, I looked to the stars… I felt our small planet, hurling through space, with all of its problems, crises, and heartbreak. I felt the energy of the stars, our souls’ true home, and the vast expanse of awareness that is far beyond our human capacity to understand.

This is Freddie’s fundamental teaching… his awareness… his transmission… his gift… the vast awareness of the cosmos that is, in its essence, love. It is a great privilege and honor to be able to share Freddie’s spirit, his teaching, his wisdom, his presence, with the world.

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